Top 12 Underclass - Katrina Charity Tournament

The Top 12 class of 2007-2008 this past weekend in the Katrina Charity Basketball Tournament...

Katrina Relief Charity Tournament

Top 12 Underclassmen
(no order)

  • Taylor Rohde - 6-7 - P - Pinnacle - 2008
    Rohde has a solid inside array of post moves. Strength and aggression still a question. His ticket at the next level is moving out to 15-17ft (unless he adds 15-20lbs). If Rohde can develop his game at the wing his stock will rise! Plays hard at both ends. Ball skills and ability to attack the glass need work but he still sits on top as the best 2008 prospect in Arizona to date.
  • Ricky Calvin - 6-7 - P - South Mountain - 2008Ricky Calvin
    Calvin's athleticism and strength make him "one to watch" regardless of his skill level, which is minimal at this point. Clearly the best 2008 athlete in the class. Focus and understanding of the game need big improvement but this should come with maturity. David Grace could have a gem with continued improvement. Look for Calvin to jet up the rankings over the next year based on his body type. Big Time Athlete!
  • Travis Payton - 5-9 - PG - Agua Fria - 2008
    Payton has great court vision. His ability to get the ball to the open man is superb for a soph. Ball skills and attacking the middle are solid. Payton HAS to develop a jumper consistently from 15-17ft. Knocking down the 3 will make his game much more effective. Clearly the most skilled PG in his class. Body type and maturity don't indicate an increase in height so the jumper is key. He reminds me of Mark Meadows at same stage (body type) so unless he continues to develop skill wise, others will catch up to him.
  • Tom Fow - 6-5 - F - Notre Dame Prep - 2007
    Fow plays hard every play. He can score inside the paint and attacks glass in traffic. At 6-5 he is undersized for a PF/P. With continued development of his mid-range game (13-17ft.) he would be tough to guard.
  • Alex Miller - 6-5 - W - Horizon - 2007
    I've always loved southpaws because they're hard to defend! Miller is no exception. He plays hard, scores in bunches and you can tells he loves the game. He adds to Horizon's core and will have some big games in 05-06.
  • Chris Bonham - 6-9 - P - Paradise Valley - 2007Chris Bonham
    Huge post who takes up a lot of space inside the paint. Out of shape and had trouble getting up and down the floor. Needs to drop the weight to become a true prospect over the next year and a half. Has decent skill around the basket.
  • Javon Jones - 6-2 - W - Paradise Valley - 2007
    Surprise of the day! I loved this kid! First time evaluation so a couple more are needed BUT… this kid is explosive! Quick hops and attacks glass with no fear. Finishes in traffic. Needs development from 15-17ft. Has tools to become a dangerous threat. Hard to guard. One to watch in 05-06!
  • Jeff Hart - 6-2 - G - Brophy - 2008
    Hart understands the game and uses his strengths. Plays hard at both ends and takes what is given. Most young prospects force to many shots, not Hart. He has a chance to really develop into a nice prospect with continued development.
  • Marques Coleman - 6-1 - PG - Cactus - 2008Marques Coleman
    Coleman is just now coming of an elbow injury and needs time to get back to full strength. He has a great PG body, long arms, lengthy and room to develop. Nice feel for the game and sees the open court. Has ball skills but needs improvement in traffic. Foot speed will improve with maturity along with outside jumper, Can defend and plays hard. Match up with Entner in first game and did a good job. One to watch in the next year!
  • Caleb Richardson - 6-4 - PF - Cactus - 2008
    Strong physical athlete. Reminds me of an Eli Davis (Deer Valley 05). Needs basketball skill development and in time could develop into a nice prospect. Does not back down around glass.
  • Darangelo Balark - 6-4 - W - Deer Valley - 2007
    Athletic with bounce in his legs. Can defend and block shots with his athleticism. Had a spectacular lob dunk. Needs to develop face the basket skills. Improved outside jumper and ball skills will elevate his stock over next 2 years. Another athlete for the Valley!
  • Wesley Jones - 6-6 - W - Deer Valley - 2007Wesley Jones
    Transfer from California. Athlete who needs time to gel with new system and team. Showed his skill around glass. Look for Jones to start excelling sometime after the 1st of the year. Long arms and body type make him very interesting prospect. Another who needs to become a basketball player, not just another athlete on the floor.

Others to Watch:

Kyle Young - Pinnacle - 2007 - Had solid showing
Mitchell Watts - Desert Edge - 2008 - This lefty who needs to mature physically
Corey Meers - Cactus - 2008 - Tough inside player
Niko Sachs - Cactus 2008 - Athletic wing
DJ Lewis - South Mountain - 2007 - Solid for the Mountain
Trevor Lightfoot - Horizon - 2007 - PG in charge of leading Horizon in 05-06
Kuamaine Johnson - Agua Fria - 2007 - Lefty, athletic
Chad Thompson - Deer Valley - 2007 - Starts for the Valley
Andrew Fulbright - Desert Edge - 2008 - Hit 6 3's in first game. Does not defend!
Gil Morales - Desert Edge - 2008 - Plays hard

  • Look for the top 5 prospects by position Tuesday!





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