Recruiting Recap: Chaparral v. Cactus

Live game evaluations of top seniors and juniors

Recruiting Recap: Chaparral v. Cactus





Jon Tobin QB – Verbal commit to Idaho. Listed at 6'5 209. Is every bit 6'5 and probably a little lighter than the listed weight. Has an absolute cannon for an arm and has learned better touch since his junior season. Has increased his accuracy tremendously since his junior season as well, he completed around 40% as a junior but has bettered that to 63% at this point in the year. Is surprisingly mobile for a big guy. Runs a version of Utah's offense and is required to read defenses/coverages and adjust plays. He could end up being a steal for Idaho.


Ezra Ricks K – Gets the ball up very quickly. Has great range, hitting from 59 this year in week 1. Is a perfect 5/5 on FGs but has missed two PATs this year. Has range to make from 59 but didn't kick KOs into the endzone in the game I saw. Maybe a little tired as he doubles as an all region player on defense. If he bombed KOs into the endzone and was more consistent on PATs, I would call for him to be a major college prospect. I still firmly believe he is a D1 kicker.


Anthony Freeman LB – Moved from DE where he was all state last year to LB this year. Listed at 6'1 236 but I think both are off a bit. Looks more in the 5'11-6'0 and 215-220 range. Has a muscular build so his weight may be deceiving. Plays hard and is active but is still learning the position. Good candidate to go the JUCO route and keep learning LB and get re-recruited.


Richard Morris FB – Listed at 6'0 230 which looks to be accurate. Is not a traditional FB. Is more of an ace back in a shotgun offense, so his blocking was tough to determine. Is a productive high school back and has good hands out of the backfield. Doesn't have the speed to be a D1 back. I think he is a JUCO player.


Danny Monarrez DT – Listed at 6'1 249 but was 5'11.5 and 274 at the combine at Berkeley. Does look like he has lost some weight since then. Was very active in the game I saw and was constantly playing on the other side of the LOS. Good hustle player. Looked faster than the 5.32 he ran at Berkeley. Because of height issues I think Danny is a D2 or JUCO prospect.


Juniors to Watch:


Jordan Flores WR – Listed at 6'2 174 but looks more like he is 6' 160. Has good hands and catches with his hands and not his body. Decent speed but not great. Will catch a lot of balls in Cactus' offensive system. After three games he has 11 catches for 199 yards and 4 TDs.


Manny Solarez WR – 6'1 170 pound WR was hurt during game I saw but was a 1st team all region and HM all state WR as a sophomore.





Nick Neuenfeldt QB – Big good looking athlete. Listed at 6'4 238 but is probably 6'2.5- 6'3 and 220-225. Decent arm and with decent accuracy. Has very good strength and good speed. May be a workout warrior. I do not think he is a D1 QB. I do think he has D1 measurables and athletic ability. Has offers from UTEP and Colorado State as an athlete and I think TE may end up being his college position. I don't see him playing on the defensive side of the ball in college.


Kyle Williams RB – Very dangerous and shifty player. Threat to score from anywhere on the field. Very good speed and good vision. Durability is an issue. Missed all of junior season with an injury and missed most of the Cactus game with an injury. Listed at 5'9 and 180. Maybe a little lighter but height looks accurate. Maybe a WR or CB at the next level. Also a good return man. I would like to see him play another game to get a better evaluation.


Spencer Rothery RB – Is Chaparral's between-the-tackles runner but is not big enough to do that at the next level. He is listed at 5'11 195 but that seems a little generous. Is a tough, physical runner and is averaging nearly 10 yards per carry. Is the kind of player that any coach would want on their team but I do not think he has the physical makeup of a division one player. Good candidate to go the JUCO or D2 route.


Matt Boatman K – A perfect 4/4 on FGs and 15/16 on PATs. Has a leg to hit from well over 40. Good leg on kickoffs but no the best I have seen this year. Also plays LB. Kickers are tough to judge because schools only have 1 or 2 scholarship kickers on their roster. Has a chance but would not say he is sure fire. Possible low D1 or 1AA.


Rodney Shaw DE – Another kid that I really liked but simply is not big enough to be a D1 DE. Listed at 6'1 220 but I would estimate he is just under 6' and around 210. Got good pressure and had 3 sacks in the game I saw. Has a good motor and is tough against the run. Probably will go the JUCO route.


Trevor Hankins P – Was an OT last year but was hyped up this past year as moving to TE with D1 potential. He did not play much in the game versus Cactus and I am unsure why. Has a very good frame but is very light. Listed at 6'5 225 and I would guess he is between 6'4-6'5 and weighs around 210- 215. Looks very thin. May be a good candidate to go the JUCO route and lean TE better or gain weight and move back to the OL. Has an absolute cannon of a leg. Punts the ball extremely high and gets the ball to turn over. Averaging 42 yards per punt. Best chance at the next level is at punter at this point.


Jacob Gendreau OT – Big ole kid. Listed at 6'4 290 and looks that big. Has big frame but needs to work on his footwork. Strictly a project at this point and I think he will go the JUCO or D2 route


Juniors to Watch:


Vince Coleman WR – Listed at 5'10 180 but looks more like he is 5'10 170. Had a very good sophomore season catching over 40 balls for 500 yards. At this point he has 4 catches for 200 yards. Good bloodlines, is the son of former Cardinals outfielder Vince Coleman. Good speed and hands. One to keep an eye out for.


Casey Lytle CB – Listed at 6'1 180 and this seems accurate. Very long with a solid build. Good size and decent speed. Not sure if he is fast enough to play CB at the next level but maybe safety. I would like to see him develop over the next two years.

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