Recruiting Recap: Brophy @ Mt.Ridge

Evaluation of Top Players



Mike Callaghan DB - At 6'2 and over 200 pounds Callaghan has the size to play successfully at the next level.  What stood out to me was the nasty streak that Callaghan played with.  He patrols the middle jealously as a deep safety making receivers pay the price.  Brophy rarely breaks out of its cover three or cover two look so Callaghan does not get the chance to play in the box or in man coverage.  At the next level he will have to play in those situations so I would have liked to have watched his abilities in those areas.  His frame is such that he can gain size, which could allow him to move up and play strong safety.  He would be a great fit for a team that plays cover two.


Cole Graybill LB - Graybill is big and is longer than I thought.  He could add weight to his 230 pounds.  He has good straight line speed and gets into his drops quickly.  He tends to pop up and peek rather than get down hill to make plays which slows his reaction time in the run game.  He does have the combination of size and speed that D1 schools crave and most D1 schools feel they can make an athlete more technically sound.  He was running with a bit of a limp in the game that I watched and sat out the first few minutes of the third quarter.


Mountain Ridge


Josh Morrow WR/CB - Often when a kid is listed at 6'4 200 pounds you are disappointed when you see them live and they do not match the roster.  Morrow looks his size and more importantly looks as if he could easily add good weight and create match up problems at the next level. Along with his size, Morrow is a high jumper on the track team and transfers that ability to the football field with the ability to out jump defenders for the ball.  He is fast, running in the 4.5 range, if he had one more gear you would see some big D1s knocking on his door.


Chris Johnston QB/SS - I liked how Johnston carried himself on the field. For a first year starting QB, he shows a lot of maturity to go along with his toughness. He was patient in his reads and willing to throw to secondary targets. In the game against Brophy, six or seven receivers made catches.  He also adds the component of being able to scramble and run effectively, keeping defenses on their toes.  At the next level Johnston, who also playd strong safety, might be better suited to play in the secondary.


Juniors to Watch:




Conor Hearn QB - Appears to play with ice in his veins.  After throwing four picks, one of which went for an opposing TD, he threw for two fourth quarter scores to win the ball game.  He looks smaller than his listed size and lacks top end arm strength but has all the intangibles such as toughness and intelligence.  He has good mechanics and throws well dropping back and sprinting out.  He is patient in the pocket and goes through his progressions as well as any high school QB I have seen recently.  Working with head coach Scooter Molander, who was college and pro QB, will only help Hearn.


Blake Behrens OL/DL - I like Behrens.  He is the most fundamentally sound player I have seen on the offensive line this season.  Behrens plays with good pad level and leverage on both sides of the  ball.  I think he looks smaller than his 6'4 265 pound roster size.  He is the type of kid that would make a good college center.  He is smart, tough and technically solid.


Andrew Serrano LB - He was the most active of the solid Brophy linebacking corp.  Serrano had the speed to get to plays and was constantly around the ball or getting a piece of tackles toward him or away from him.  In the game he had a pick, a fumble recovery, a sack and a QB hurry.


Mt. Ridge


Jonathan Ott WR/DB Ott has a nose for the ball and is constantly making plays.  He uses his ability to close on the ball and attacks passes at their height rather than waiting for them to come down.  I also like how he uses his hands, rarely does a high school DB compete for the ball and time his hands in coverage the way Ott does.  In the Brophy game he had three picks and two pass break ups.


Others To Watch: Mt. Ridge had an assortment of players that I thought were impressive.  Dave Campbell DE/TE is a solid old school tightend who does a nice job as a blocker and has good hands.  Tony Paul WB/DB is a versatile player who can run and catch the ball. At 5'9 240 pounds FB Matt Pickering is the thickest built high school player I have seen in a long time.  He has good hands and is surprisingly quick for someone of his build. 







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