Player Spotlight: Prince Amukamara

Chat with the Apollo playmaker.

24-7football: What were your official stats from last season?
Prince: Well i only played 5 games but yeah I rushed for 431yds.. with 8 tds

24-7football: What is your official height, weight, bench, squat, clean and 40?
Prince: 6'0/ wt 180/ bench 245/squat 395/ clean 265/ 40 is 4.5  
24-7football: What is your greatest football memory?
Prince: 100 yd. interception on varsity

24-7football:. What are you doing to prepare for next season?
Prince: Lifting, conditioning, and reading

24-7football: What are your goals for this upcoming season?
Prince: To win region and state championship

24-7football:What is your strength as a football player?
Prince: My speed, athletic ability, and awareness on the football

24-7football: What is your weakness as a football player?
Prince: Mental strength

24-7football:Who are some teammates that people need to watch for?
Prince: Ralph Cruz rb/lb, Jimmy Lee rb/lb, Chris Leon qb/fs, Rodney Jankans wr/fs, Luis Sanchez wr/cb, Ryne Still qb/ss, Aaron Fierros fb/lb, Cory Cavazos ol/dl  
24-7football:What teammate do you really respect the most and why?
Prince: Ralph Cruz, Chris Lleon, and Yaouvi Amouzouvi. those guys push me in the weight room and give me advice on anything. also we have a great connection on the field! 

24-7football:Which program do you respect the most?
Prince: All programs

24-7football:What is the best piece of advice you have ever gotten?
Who did you get it from?
Prince: "its not how you begin that matters, its how you finish" from a book

24-7football:Who has been the most influential person in your life? Why? Prince: My parents and GOD. My parents always support me no matter what...and GOD is there when I need guidance

24-7football:Who is your favorite athlete?
Prince: Reggie Bush

24-7football:What can we expect from your team this season?
Prince: A better team than last years and more hungry and determined to win

24-7football:What are your goals as far as playing football in college?
Prince: To go to a bowl game and lead the nation in something

24-7football:What can you bring to a college program?
Prince: A different style of play and more excitement!

24-7football:What is your favorite thing about the game of football?
Prince: The feeling when i have the ball in my hands...

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