Bookends: Kris O' Dowd and John Romero

Evaluation of Salpointe Offensive Tackles

The past few years, Tucson Salpointe has become home to huge offensive linemen.  This year is no different with offensive tackles John Romero jr. and Kris 0' Dowd.  Both players are legitimately in the 6'5 290-300 pound range. Romero, a senior, has verbally committed to the University of Nevada while O' Dowd claims offers from Arizona State, Ohio State, Michigan and Michigan State. 


At 6'4" 290, Kris O'Dowd's size makes him impressive no matter what grade he is. Kris as a lineman is a standout but he works as part of a group effort. Watching the Salpointe Lancers offensive line, you can see they are a well coached group of athletes.  Kris is the bookend to the other tackle, 6'4", 290 pound, John Romero. In between them are the "small" guards and center averaging 230 pounds. Kris has good run blocking technique. He keeps his pads low and delivers his hands. His specialty seemed to be downfield blocking. He made several key blocks on second level backs that sprung the running backs for big yards. If he had a run block weakness it was an over aggressiveness to get to the small secondary players and not hold the line enough. Pass blocking is an area where Kris' inexperience shows. On a straight up bull rush, O'Dowd's size allows him to muscle anyone back. Outside power rushes and inside pinches show his need for balance and reaction time. Kris needs to take charge and claim the O line as his own. Something that I'm sure he'll do come his senior year.

6'4" Senior John Romero is getting attention from recruiters and it's easy to see why.  John is a two way starter for the Salpointe Lancers. If I were a recruiter, I would not know which side of the ball I would want him to play on.  But I do know I would want him on my team! John has excellent offensive line technique; good footing, hand delivery and pad level. He gets on a block and holds it. His pass pro set was text book in form. On defense, Romero shows the same excellent line technique. He did a great job of not letting the O-linemen get their hands on him. He kept arm extension, eyes in the backfield and when he found the ball carrier he used good speed to play. What John Romero had on both sides of the ball was a lineman's nastiness. He's a big boy and knows it. He did not apologize for knocking down the smaller guy. He takes pride in his job and right now is one of the best at it in the state.

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