Friday Night Phenoms

Arizona's Best Week #6

After six weeks into the season several players are making a case for player of the year.  Week in and week out the same players seem to be in our phenom list.  With out further delay, let's take a look at the top performances around the Grand Canyon State. 


Let's start things off with a Phenom from the Thursday night game of the week.  Sunnyslope lightning quick wideout TJ Campbell put on a show.  Campbell racked up a very impressive 223 yards on just 9 catches and he found the end zone twice.  How about the top quarterback performance of the week?  This week's honor goes to Brophy signal caller Connor Hearn.  Hearn completed 10 of 14 passes for 248 yards and 4 touchdowns in a Bronco victory. 


As usual we had several big time games on the ground.  Kenton Thomas who is perhaps the stats best all around player continues to make his case for player of the year with 282 yards and 2 TD's on 22 carries as Greenway improves to 5-1.   Dobson's Marcus Richmond continued his case with 227 yards and 3 TD's.  Richmond continues to put up big numbers despite the fact that teams know he's getting the ball.  Junior Ridge Nielson of Mt. View is clearly making a name for himself this season.  Nielson once again had a good night with 183 yards and 4 TD's on just 12 carries.  Stat of the night, South Mountain runner Jalil Brown had an amazing night.  Brown was given the ball 27 times scored 5 touchdowns and racked up an impressive 412 yards on the ground in a loss to Central.  Lastly, Bradshaw Mountain full back Adam Beauchamp had 242 yards on the ground and 2 scores in a 28-12 lose to Agua Fria.


Let's give it up for the boys up front.  So many times people always talk about who's the player of year, or the best back.  We'll no one, if the big hogs up front don't get their job done.  Game Balls given out to the offensive lineman from both Hamilton and Lake Havasu.  Hamilton's big boys were able to clear the way for 3 100 yard rushers in the same game this week.  Not to be outdone, Lake Havasu's hogs were able to grind out over 500 yards rushing and lead the Knights to an upset over McClintock. 


Defensive stat of the week.  Once again we have a DB with 4 interceptions in one game.  Cactus DB David Pollack had 4 picks against Apollo.


Lots of great games this week, get out and support local high school football.


Coaches/Parents/Players if you would like to nominate a player as a Phenom please email me following you game.

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