Player Evaluation: Tyler Chastain

Breakdown of Brophy DE

Currently Brophy is 6-1 with a defense that is allowing just less than thirteen points a game.  The most prominent names on the defense are linebacker Cole Graybill and free safety Mike Callaghan. Both players are receiving D1 attention. Anchoring the defense, along with these high profile players, is strong side defensive end Tyler Chastain. The Brophy D is especially solid against the run allowing the majority of opponents less than 150 yards rushing a game.  Much of this success against the run can be attributed to Chastain's solid play on the strong side.


In watching Chastain, what stands out is his sound technique from his defensive position. His DE position does not elicit glamorous statistics but rather calls for a disciplined player that is willing to funnel everything inside for the linebackers to make plays. This is a key component of the solid Brophy D.  Chastain uses his long arms and good pad level to control the tightend at the point of attack. He does not get hooked or lose outside contain. Another impressive part of Chastain's game is the use of his hands to control and fight off blockers.  When the ball flows away from Chastain he is patient on the backside and waits for the play to declare before he takes his angle of pursuit.  Chastain always seems to gets a piece of tackles that come his way.


At the next level Chastain could be a very solid player especially at the IAA level.  He looks his height but seems lighter than his listed 230 pounds.   At 6'4 and 230 pounds Chastain has a good frame and looks like he would be able to add solid weight if he plays at the next level. A redshirt year would be beneficial for him to add the needed bulk and strength to play college ball. Chastain was also a member of the 22-9 Brophy basketball team last season.  Bottom line, Chastain is an extremely well coached player with excellent technique and enough athleticism to be successful in the right college situation.

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