LooseBalls #1

We begin our LooseBalls column today (published every Monday-Wed-Friday. Today we cover the Reebok Showcase and former AZ players in the ACCAC. Our PrepAZ.com's Pre-Season All State Teams coming Monday October 31...

Loose Balls #1

With the 2005-2006 season about to kick off with practice October 31 we are starting our Loose Balls column which will include updates and observations in the happenings of Arizona Prep Boys & Girls hoops. To submit a tip, opinion or interesting fact on AZ Prep hoops email us at coacht@prepaz.com.

Reebok Showcase:

Arizona Top 20
(by position - no order)

Christian Polk 6-4 Deer Valley (2006) SG
Matt Rosinski 6-2 Ironwood SG
Stevie Ledesma 5-9 Salpointe (2006) PG
Rickey Berry 6-3 Paradise Valley (2006) G
Kendall Wallace 6-3 Mt. View (2007) PG
Mickey McConnell Dobson (2007)
Ty Abbott 6-2 Desert Vista (2007)
Adam Foard 6-3 Sahuaro (2006)

Tristan Wilson 6-4 Apollo (2006)
Roger Sharpe 6-5 Buena (2006)
Jovan Jones 6-3 Paradise Valley (2007)
David Jackson 6-8 Rincon (2006)
Demetrius Crowell 6-6 Mesa (2007)
Eric Hipolito 6-4 Mt. Pointe (2006)

Gavin Edwards 6-8 Mesquite (2006)
Will Donahue 6-8 Mesquite (2006)
Mason Maynard 6-8 Mt. Ridge (2006)
Justin Johnson 6-6 Brophy Prep (2007)
Phil Benson 6-8 Horizon (2006)
Alex English 6-10 Paradise Valley (2007)

Demetrius Crowell 6-6 Mesa (2007)
Demetrius Crowell







Top 5 Class of 2007

Alex English 6-10 Paradise Valley (2007)
Demetrius Crowell 6-6 Mesa (2007)
Justin Johnson 6-6 Brophy Prep (2007)
Ty Abbott 6-2 Desert Vista (2007)
Kendall Wallace 6-3 Mt. View (2007) PG

Others to watch: Mickey McConnell Dobson (2007) - Jovan Jones 6-3 Paradise Valley (2007) - Trent Anderson 6-6 Ironwood Ridge (2007) - Chris Bonham 6-8 Paradise Valley (2007) - Randy Harris 6-4 Highland (2007) - Garrett Lever 6-0 Desert Vista

Top 5 Class of 2008

Taylor Rohde 6-7 Pinnacle
Nick Witherill 6-3 Saguaro
Marques Coleman 6-2 Cactus
Niko Sachs 6-2 Cactus
Enoch Andoh 6-6 Salpointe

Others to watch: - Barrett Robbins 6-6 Desert Vista - Travis Payton 5-9 Agua Fria - Ricky Calvin 6-6 South Mountain - Chase Adams 6-3 Salpointe - Caleb Richardson 6-3 Cactus - Daniel Duran 6-6 Coconino - Michael Proctor 6-6 Desert Vista

Top 5 Class of 2009

Colin Borchardt 6-7 Mt. Ridge
Tyler Miller 6-3 Basha
Nick Markovich 6-2 Basha
Chris Johnson 6-3 Desert Vista
Marcus Lever 5-8 Desert Vista

*Evaluations on all these players plus others coming this week*

ACCAC Jamboree

After watching the Jamboree earlier this month we got a chance to see a number of former AZ prep players in action.  Below are the pre-season projections on the following players:

Rob Quaintance 6-4 PG Yavapai CC - So
A definite DI prospect. MM follow-LM Prospect

Justin Williams 6-1 PG Phoenix College - Fr
A solid player who will develop into a DI player. LM Follow

Nick Holladay, 6-5 W Chandler-Gilbert CC - Fr
Back from his mission. It will take a year to get his game back but we see him as a LM follow

Ladi Makinde 6-3 SG Scottsdale CC - So
Great 2G body, long arms and can defend. A MM follow - LM prospect

Karris Govan 6-3 F Phoenix College - Fr
Needs to learn how to play. Big strong and attacks glass. LM follow-DII prospect

TJ Benson 5-11 PG Mesa CC - Red-shirt Freshman
Solid PG. Needs intensity for 40 minutes to have a shot at the DI level. LM follow-DII prospect

Mark Sanchez 6-6 PF Pima CC - Fr
Incoming freshman who is a workhorse inside. Needs to learn the game. DII prospect

Michael Baker 6-2 SG Mesa CC - Fr
After sitting out the St. Mary's 2G is back. Another who needs game time. Streaky shooter. DII prospect

Monti Washington 6-4 SF Phoenix College - Fr
Athletic wing. Needs to play for minutes of intense basketball. Way to animated on the court. Focus will bring offers in 2 years. LM follow-DII prospect

Justin Taylor 6-5 W Central Arizona - Fr
Solid wing who can shoot it, attack the glass and is smart. DII prospect

Michael Crowell 6-6 Central Arizona - So
Back from Texas juco. Can shoot the 3. DII Prospect

Steve Elman 6-4 Mesa - Fr
Back after year off.  Big time leaper.  Shot development and ball skills a key.  DII Prospect

PrepAZ.com's Pre-season All State
Coming this Monday (October 31)

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