Horizon v. St. Mary's

Big First Half lifts Horizon past St. Mary's

Big First Half lifts Horizon past St. Mary's


With a halftime score of visiting St. Mary's 0, Horizon 21, you would think the game ended in a blow out.  Horizon had first possession of the game, and while they went 3-and-out, their excellent punter, #12 Stefan Demos, placed the ball on the 4 yard line.  Horizon's defense went to work, holding the Knights for a 3-and-out.  The resulting punt wobbled out of bounds at the Knights 37 yard line, giving the Huskies great field position. Two tough runs (30 and 7 yards) by #3 Oscar Alvarez and Horizon put up their first 7 on the board with 7:36 left in the first quarter.  Horizon's stalwart defense would again stay on the field for only 4 plays, though one of them was a nice run by the Knight's #22 Josh Felton.  St. Mary's would pin Horizon on the 10 yard line with their punt.


Horizon's quarterback, #9 Dax Crum would swing into action on the next series, completing 2 passes to #14 Reilly Sullivan, who was lucky that #23 Larry Callis recovered his fumble of the second completion.  Two short runs by Alvarez and the Huskie's punted the ball away.  St. Mary's QB, #16 Aaron Verlinde answered back with two completions to his goto receiver of the night, #81 James Shipp, who gave the Knight first down on both of his receptions.  A one yard gain by Felton ended the first quarter.  Two plays into the second quarter a tipped Verlinde pass was intercepted by Horizon's #82 Jordan Hull to end St. Mary's drive.  A few passes, runs and a fumble (again, recovered by a fellow teammate) and Horizon would punt back to St. Mary's, who promptly gave the ball back two plays later on a Verlinde fumble, giving Horizon great field position.  After another great run by and short pass to #3 Oscar Alvarez, Crum would hook up with #80 Kevin McCluskey to put the Huskie's up 14 – 0 with 6:26 left in the half.


St. Mary's responded with a strong drive, with contributions from a myriad of players.  #24 Andy Pacheco, #21 James Morrison, #32 Keaton Kristick , #80 Klayton Kristock and Felton would all touch the ball, moving it down the field.  Unfortunately, Horizon's #4 Jack Mara would intercept the ball in the end zone and return it 89 yards to the St. Mary's 11 yard line.  Two plays later and Crum would sneak the ball in for a TD, which would end the scoring for the half.




The second half would show that St. Mary's had the heart and the coaching to get back into the game.  The third quarter began with St. Mary's ramming the ball down the throat of the Horizona defense.  With running contributions from Verlinde, Morrison and Felton, Keaton Kristick would carry the ball into the end zone to put the first points on the board for the Knight's with 7:53 left in the third quarter.  Horizon would answer with a drive down the field themselves, helped by a pass interference call.  However the Huskies would have to settle for a field goal with 3:41 to go in the third.  St. Mary's would end the third quarter with a 4th and 2 run by bruising Keaton Kristick for 11 yards.  Another run by Kristick would start the 4th quarter and two consecutive runs by Felton would put the ball in the end zone for another St. Mary's TD.


St. Mary's defense rose to the occasion to give their team an opportunity to narrow the lead with a potential three-and-out.  However a personal foul, roughing the kicker gave Horizon the automatic first down, which seemed to take the wind out the Knight's sails.  Horizon would end up punting to end their possession, but the Knight's would be unable to answer with another Horizon interception ending their next possession.  Horizon would punt and give St. Mary's replacement QB, #9 Philip Losada a chance to show his stuff.  Losada showed he had an arm, winging the ball to Shipp and Keaton Kristick but he could not beat the clock and 3 sacks by the Horizon defense.




Game Balls:


Horizon: #3 Oscar Alvarez, His quickness and speed to the hole helped keep the game in Horizon's grasp.  #9 Dax Crum, While his stats may not have been huge, timely runs and clutch passes kept St. Mary's defense on it's heels and their offense off the field.


St. Mary's: #22 Josh Felton, His steady, hard running kept St. Mary's moving down the field on many occasions and he is tough to bring down unless you have a gang of tacklers.  Defense in the second half, They held a potent Horizon offense to 3 second half points despite their offense putting them in some bad situations.

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