Tale of the Tape: Adam Beauchamp

Video Evaluation of Bradshaw Fullback



Name: Adam Beauchamp

Position: FB

School: Bradshaw Mountain High School

Height: 6'0  Weight: 215 pounds  40: 4.67 (self reported)


Breakdown: (Highlight tape and game tapes)


Adam is a very strong runner.  He runs with a purpose.  Adam runs with a slight forward lean and finishes his runs with hard hits to opposing defenses.  Beauchamp routinely falls forward gaining an extra yard or two in the process.  Adam has good enough speed at the high school level to go the distance every time he touches it.  He has very good vision and also uses a nice stiff arm to attack runners at the end of runs.  Adam also posses very good balance and hardly ever goes down by the 1st tackler.  He is used in his team's offense as their main offensive weapon, he routinely gets 25-30 carries in a game which helps him rack up impressive numbers.  With that being said, the tapes left a little to the imagination regarding his blocking abilities. 




Adam is a true old school fullback.  He is a straight ahead bull that will get the tough yards and also break long runs.  How does his game translate to the next level?  That may be the million dollar question.  He is too short at 6'0 to play as a H Back type player that most major colleges are using today.  In today's style of college football, most colleges employ an H-Back who is usually one of their better blocking tight ends.  Two players who come to mind are Zac Miller of Arizona St. and Matt Clapp of Oklahoma.  Adam could easily be their class if he were 6'3 or taller.  Since he is a true fullback, I think more emphasis needs to be put on his blocking abilities.  At the next level a fullback will be lucky to get 10 carries in a season, most fullbacks are asked to pick up blitzing linebackers or be lead blockers.  I do feel that Adam has the ability to do this.  I don't know if he's a Pac-10 caliber fullback not because of his skills but because the day and age of using a traditional fullback are almost gone.

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