Arcadia v. Palo Verde

Palo Verde Advances to Title Game

What a game if you love to see defenses make plays and offenses make penalties.  I stopped counting false starts and delay of the game flags.  Arcadia suffered from the most false starts but Palo Verde had it's share of yellow fever with delay of games.


Arcadia, dressed in all red as the "home" team began with the ball and gave the ball to Jacque Watson.  This little speedster made some good games on some toss sweeps and off-tackle runs.  After QB Alec McDuffle avoided a huge sack and ran out of bounds for a 9 yard loss, the Arcadia Titans punted the ball with 8:15 left in the first quarter.


The Palo Verde Titans (hailing from Tucson) moved the ball down the field with a good mix of runs and some passes.  Marvin Stickland hauled in a nice long pass, as did Stacey Gonzalez.  Marcus Sherfield took a handoff and got them close enough for a short run up the middle to get in the end zone for the only touchdown of the game.  With 3:32 left in the first quarter it was Palo Verde 7 – Arcadia 0.


After a bad pitch on an option, another of the many false starts and Palo Verde's Victor Yates making a tackle for a loss, Arcadia punted the ball away.  PV quickly gave the ball back on an interception by Arcadia's Craig Cacheris.  Arcadia marched down the field using Parker Howell and Chip Sivak effectively.  However, going for it on a 4th down in the red zone, Sivak was pushed out of bounds inches from the marker, giving the ball back to Palo Verde with 8:27 left in the half.  PV would march down the field, with Sherfield, and the nimble Robert Webster getting the brunt of the work.  Sherfield however would end up fumbling the ball and Cacheris would again get the turnover.  Arcadia would again turn the ball over on downs the next series and Palo Verde would essentially run out the clock with some runs up the middle.




The second half was pretty much an offensive struggle for both teams.  While both did have some success moving the ball, penalties or good defense play would ensure that both team's punters got a lot of work.  Palo Verde would add to their lead with a field goal with 5:26 left in the game and there was some excitement when Palo Verde intercepted a Arcadia pass but the very next play they fumbled the ball and Arcadia recovered.  However, Arcadia would again turn the ball over on downs and the punting continued.




Game Balls:


Palo Verde's #44 Victor Yates – While his name may not have been mentioned in any significant plays in the story, his clutch passing and exceptional defense (he seemed to be in on every defensive play) and size will spell trouble for Mingus if they cannot contain him.


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