24-7's 5A2 All State Team

The Best of 5A2



QB- Erik Archuleta- North

RB- Sherrod Austin- North Canyon

RB- Jalil Brown- South Mountain

WR- Mitch Farney- Shadow Mountain

WR- Ramel Ross- North

TE- Jeff Jones- North

OL- Kyle Tilford- Paradise Valley

OL- Sean Logan- Sunrise Mountain

OL- Charlie Burmood- North

OL- David Klucznik- Ironwood

OL- Jose Luis Lopez- Sunnyside




DL- Tom Ramsey- Centennial

DL- William Yancey- Ironwood

DL- Will Osolinsky- North Canyon

DL- Scott Stewart- Goldwater

LB- Cody Dowd- North

LB- Anthony Llanos- North Canyon

LB- Marcus Rodriguez- Peoria

DB- Brandon Trowbridge- Desert Ridge

DB- TJ Jones- Peoria

DB- Eric Hagg- Ironwood

DB- Mekyell Harrell- North Canyon




K- Alez Zendejas- Ironwood

P- Tyler Juede- Shadow Mountain

Return- Mike Smith- Sunnyside

All Purpose- Curt Sweeney- Sunrise Mountain



Remember this all state team comes from the staff at 24-7football.com. No coaches were involved in the selection process.

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