McClintock Day 1

Jerryd Bayless shot chart against the Chandler Wolves. Plus some standout underclass you might not know!

McClintock Tournament Day 1

Desert Vista 71, Horizon 53
Mountain View 70, Moon Valley 52
Hamilton 65, Marcos De Niza 39
St. Mary's 87, Chandler 66
Saguaro 48, Paradise Valley 45
Corona 85, Desert Mountain 66
McClintock 59, Basha 46
Dobson 62, Highland 44

McClintock Tournament Day 2
- Paradise Valley vs Desert Mountain
11:30AM - Marcos De Niza vs Chandler
1PM - Horizon vs Moon Valley
2:30PM - Basha vs Highland
4PM - Corona vs Saguaro
5:30PM - Desert Vista vs Mountain View
7PM - McClintock vs Dobson
8:30PM - St. Mary's vs Hamilton

Day 1 provided a glimpse into the "Road to Glendale Arena" this March along with some up and coming stars of the future.  Here are a few observations:


  • Mesa Mountain View has all the tools to repeat, but are beatable. They lack the true PG who can control the tempo and settle things down.
  • St. Mary's is improving with the freshmen off the bench.  Look for them to go deep into the run for the State Championship with continued improvement.
  • Desert Mountain played hard and are vastly improved from last year
  • Desert Vista looked solid and if the 3's are falling are a top 2 team in the State.  Bibleheimor can drain'em but needs to look to dish more off the dribble.  Championship teams swing the ball, not force shots in crunch time.
  • MoonValley's Jaivorio Burkes, 6-6, Jr. 300+lbs, was unstoppable on the block.  MV's Harper Kamp neutralized him for awhile but this kid did the job inside.
  • Horizon clearly needs Jim Casey
  • Bayless made Olson and co. squirm with his high flying wire act.  Injury free today!
  • Garrett Lever had a great game!
  • Ty Abbott was missing from the Thunder starting line-up, and looked tentative once he got in the game.


Kevin Hassett 6-6 W Desert Mountain

Was all over the court.  Knocked down 3's, handled the ball under pressure and scored in traffic.  Has improved tremendously from last year.  


Ricky Berry 6-3 G Paradise Valley
Athletic and attacks the basket with the best.  Can shoot it from 3, plays hard at both ends.  With continued improvement with his handle can play Low Major.  Another exciting player to watch.


Tim Johnson 6-7 P St. Mary's
Big bodied post who knows how to use his size.  Slow up and down the floor but almost unstoppable on the block.  Has improved over the last 2 months.

Eladio Rubio  5-10, G, 2007, Chandler
Can stroke it and plays with confidence.  Fun to watch and has taken over the Wolves with the loss of Jordan Brown.  Dropped 30 last night.

Justin Kelly  6-4, W 2007 Corona
Plays hard, has great post moves and has a great understanding of the game.  Corona's key player, in our opinion.

Brad Carroll  6-4 W 2007 Corona
fundamentally sound.  Solid, no mistake under pressure guy, who you won't notice in the box score but helps win games

Alex Miller 6-4 W 2007 Horizon
The southpaw plays hard from baseline to baseline.  Can score and has a solid mid-range game.

Waylen Towns 5-10 PG Marcos de Niza
Exciting to watch! Can handle it in traffic and gets the MdN offense in sink.  Has a great crossover that leaves many on the floor


Justin Wesolowski 6-6 W Mountain View

Another 6-4 fundamentally sound unknown who knows how to play.  Plays hard in his thinframe, can knock down from 15 and has springs in his legs.

Barrott Robbins 6-5 Desert Vista
Strong, athletic post who continues to improve.  Robbins improvement over the next 2 months is key for Desert Vista to make a run for the crown.  Quick leaper in traffic!


Matt Rhodes 6-3 G Saguaro
This kid can play!  Heady and keeps his composure far better than most seniors.  Athletic, has a nice stroke from 17 and can handle the ball in traffic.  A future star in Arizona!


Matt Skelly 6-2 G St. Mary's

Skelly came out of nowhere to one of our top 5, 2008 guards in the state. Another heady player who is fundamentally sound can handle and has great court vision.  Solid shot from 15 and another youngster for the Knights who could help them make a run in March.


Bryon Fulton 6-6 PF St. Mary's
Wow!  St. Mary's is loaded with great underclass!  This kid has a ways to go but playing time will do the trick.  Does not back down his big, athletic frame. Long arms and has nice stroke in the paint. Watch out, St, Mary's will be in the hunt!


Coaches/Colleges in attendance on day 1.  Southern Utah, Northern Arizona, UNLV, Arizona (Lute Olson, Josh Pastner)along with numerous JC's

"I wonder who Lute Olson is here to watch"
Player in the stands



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