Best of 2005 (Prep Hoops)

The Biggest surprise team, the best Eddie House impression, the biggest bonehead move by a coach plus others...look for our Top 10 5A-4A coming Tuesday am... Best of 2005

Here are the best of 2005 (1st half of the season), we know some categories will not be popular but someone has to do it!


Surprise Team – Mountain Pointe
After a crazy pre-season in which Head Coach Sam Ballard threatened to step down, the Pride are back and have pulled together a 9-1 record heading into 2006.


Surprise Player 2005 - Marcos de Niza's 6'3" Mychael Broom, Sr. Forward

We knew he could play, but he is putting up huge #'s.  His stock has risen more than anybody in the state


Biggest Disappointment Team – Paradise Valley

With the height, talent and experience, PV should be the favorite to win the 5AII title but have 5 losses under the belt.


Best SoAZ Team - Buena

We know Rincon is neck and neck but Buena holds the top slot for now.  Buena's loss to Sabino is their only setback.


Biggest Disappointment – The loss of Jordan Brown (Chandler)

The 5-9 southpaw had been putting up big scoring numbers before his exit from the program.  Exciting player to watch, his work ethic and dedication has paid off and we hope to see him resurface next fall.


Best Eddie House Impression – Garrett Lever (Desert Vista)

The 5-9 Guard can score in bunches like no other player in AZ.  Can stoke it, score in transition and has the quickness to win games by himself.


Best Example of Poor Decision Making – The AIA

Their decision to suspend Kal Bay (Marcos de Niza), after an incident at Westview High School.  No formal hearing yet automatic suspension.  Regardless whether Bay went up into the stands, certain factors should have been weighed in their decision.  We hear of their "Victory with Honor" program, how about running the organization with honor.


Best Example of Leaving a Student "hung out to dry" – Marcos de Niza

Their "self report" detailing the Bay incident, and not backing one of their own.  An example of leave us alone, we can't handle any conflict or want to be bothered.  An act that ALL potential MDN students need to take into consideration when contemplating enrolling.


Best Example of "How to get fellow coaches, players and fans to lose all respect"

South Mountain's Head Coach David Grace, on pulling his team from a scheduled game(Paradise Valley Tournament) because a win will not help them in power points against a team they already played. We wonder if the PUHSD Tournament will have any similar incidents.  After all South has already play Chavez, Camelback and Alhambra.


Biggest Impact for a 2005 Graduate at the NCAA Division I Level – Ray Murdock, University of San Diego
Murdock has earned a starting Guard spot and continue to make huge contributions for the Toreros



Best Tournament – McClintock Holiday Trny

No tournament can compete with this exciting event where wins and losses set the tone for the remainder of the season.  Best snack bar, organization and competition.  Game programs are available at the start of day 1.  Also, with the absence of the long time announcer, it is much easier to sit through an entire day without getting a massive headache!


Best Fad 2005 – Coaching Blogs
What exactly is a blog? Here is what we found:

The term "weblog" was coined by Jorn Barger on 17 December 1997. The short form, "blog," was coined by Peter Merholz. He broke the word weblog into the phrase "we blog" in the sidebar of his weblog in April or May of 1999. [1] "Blog" was accepted as a noun (weblog shortened) and as a verb ("to blog," meaning "to edit one's weblog or a post to one's weblog"). [2]

Our wish is to see a blog by a crazed parent who thinks his/her son is a high major player but in reality can't start on their mediocre high school team.  Now that would be interesting to read!

Coming Tuesday Morning, our Top 10 5A-4A

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