CTB All Stars - Registration for 2006 Season

The Elite National Club, the CTB All Stars is now accepting registration for our 2006 season starting March 11. 2006...

March 11, 2006 @ 1:00pm CTB 1st player meeting/practice

The elite national club, the CTB All-Stars are now accepting registration for the 2005-2006
season fielding teams in the

CTB Club Information
Website: www.crashtheboards.com
Email: trous@cox.net

Phone: 602.505.4667

classes of 06-07-08-09-10.

Teams will participate in the national travel circuit during "live periods" for college coaches and scouts.

Out of State Schedule

  • April 12-16 - Las Vegas Easter Classic
  • April 21-23 - Houston Kingwood Classic
  • April 28-30 - Las Vegas Spring Showcase
  • May 28-30 - High Five Memorial Day Classic - San Diego
  • July 14-15 - Cream of the Crop - Los Angeles
  • July 22-26 - The Main Event - Las Vegas
  • July 27-31 - Best of Summer - Los Angeles


The Club Basketball Program offers 4 competitive Teams

1) CTB All Stars Orange
Our elite #1 team will field 10 high level student-athletes. Any class. 
Team is fully sponsored

2) CTB All Stars Purple
Our Purple team will consist of current high school seniors/juniors/sophomores. Any undergraduate interested in a national club team can tryout for CTB Purple. 10 high level student-athletes (Juniors/Sophomores) will comprise our CTB Purple team.

3) CTB All Stars Black
Our Grey team gives younger student athletes Sophomores/Freshmen and opportunity to experience a national/high level club team and it's high level training/practice. CTB Grey will field a team of 10 high level sophomores, freshman and select eighth graders. Playing in 8 national tournaments, the majority will be in the 17U Division.

4) CTB All Stars Grey
Our development team is for players wanting to learn and develope throughout the season.  Members of the grey squad have the ability to move up to a national team throughout the year.  All tournaments will be local (Phoenix).  Team members will be from all classes (2010-2009-2008-2007)

Program Information 

  • Start Date: Practice/Tryouts begin SaturdayMarch 11. 2006
  • Practice Location: City Square Sports Club (Central Phoenix ) and Mesa/Tempe
  • Cost: $270 to join - Includes Registration fee's/1st months dues
    $175 Registration Fee - Includes Insurance
    $95 - Monthly dues - Due the 1st of month starting April 1 2006
    Out of State Student-Athletes: Housing, practice attendance and travel to and from tournaments will be discussed individually with all out opf state players. Current situations might cause non Arizona residents to miss certain practice
  • Team Selection: April 1 2006


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