U N D E R R A T E D!

As a freshmen at St. Mary's, 6'4" Hector Dorame was told he wasn't good enough. Yet he begged the Coach to stick around as a practice player. By the end of the season he was a strarter. So much for tryouts, which we all know is spelled p o l i t i c a l.
As a Sophomore he was given a spot at the end of the bench, and got floor time in 3 games. Yet Hector "DO RE ME" Dorame kept his dream alive and worked on his skillz.
Heading into his junior season he became the player he knew he could. Starting in the first 5 games for the eventual 5A State Champion with 3 NCAA DI players. Then BOOM! Busted wrist, complicated with back problems sidelined this COLLEGE PROSPECT and the exposure and REP he deserved and earned.
This past summer Dorame elected to skip the clubball scene and work on his game, along with the sense his senior campaign and Rep of St. Mary's would get him the exposure and recognition he needed to keep the dream alive. With a slow start as a team and eventual mid-season flop(any guesses my thoughts on why?) Hector fell through the cracks and has been overlooked by Colleges across the Country.

Numbers like 16ppg, 7rpg, 3 blocks, 10 floor burns per game, and the things you can't measure. Gym rat, strong, can stroke it from 3, and the hops to rise above the crowd and throw down a "DO RE ME" power dunk.

What gives? This kid can play, and any DII or low DI school that checks this kid out will see, Hector Dorame can play!

Underated, yep! The fact he was not listed on the All-Region team is a farce. Hector Dorame, AZPrep.com noticed you, and you didn't have to launch 30 shots a game to get the respect your hard work deserves!

6'4" Hector Dorame of St. Mary's High School, our pick for 2002 underated baller of the year!

Coach T

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