Alex Rogers is Breaking out!

The 6'4" junior defines the term "Gym Rat".

Scottsdale Christians, 6'4", junior, Alex Rogers.

When most high school players are getting the tan from the hot Arizona sun, Rogers tans under the bright lights of a basketball gym. The term "Gym Rat" has been used to describe many a player, mostly under false pretense since playing hours in a gym does not make a gym rat. Working hours in the gym, improving player development and working on your weaknesses defines the term. Which is exactly what this spiked blond baller is doing. A crucial summer for exposure on the club circuit, and the opportunity to be seen by hundreds of college recruiters this summer has not clouded the priorities and goals for this "Rising Star". So why would Rogers give up the chance to tour this summer with a club? The love of the game, the respect for his High School Coach and his passionate desire to improve as a player and his Scottsdale Christian team (27-6 in 2002).

Already one of the top juniors in the State, Alex has the heart, court savvy and touch to become one of the top players in 2003. His style of play patterns U of A star, Luke Walton, yet he reminds many of a poor man's Larry Bird. The ability to see the court like few others, and his uncanny ability to hit the 3, will keep SC at the top of the 2A Division.

In this day and age of the "Me" syndrome, Alex reminds many of the players from the past, where team comes first, and personal gain will follow. And although playing at a small private school, the publicity and respect mostly reserved for big school players will definitely follow Rogers as he begins to etch his place as one of the top college prospects in the State over the next 2 years!

No doubt, Coach Fredericks, Alex and co. will return to AWA and fight for their dream of a State Championship! Congrats Alex, and thanks for setting a great example to all the youngsters, wanting to excel and live the dream of a true "Gym Rat"!

Coach T

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