"The Rock Collector"!

Will Marcos de Niza repeat? Who will replace Mohr? How good is Kal Bay? Who cares! The Padres have the "Rock Collector"!

February 24, 2002. As the Padres warmed up in AWA, living their dream of playing for a State Championship against favorite Highland High School, something was missing. Only a few people of the thousands in attendance knew. Only one felt the pain. A player that went unnoticed throughout the great season MdN experienced. A kid, that has the respect of every teammate, coach and fellow schoolmate. Someone that pays the price, does what it takes, and goes all out to get it done! A player that was over shadowed by the Mohr's, Ziri's and William's. Yet, without him, MdN WOULD NOT have won the Title!

Injured in the semi's (leg injury), "The Rock Collector", was forced to sit and watch. Yet, his inspiration and uncanny ability to get his teammates focused played a huge factor in Marcos winning the 2002 State 5A Championship. Rusty Funk, returning for his senior campaign with something to prove, and show the State, MdN is for real will no doubt elevate his play and get that respect that he knows he deserves.

Rusty, "the rock collector", coz he just gets the rock no madda what, does all the dirty work. I guess you could call him the MdN maintenance man as well.

After rehab, getting his leg to full strength, Funk has focused this summer on returning for a "Back to Back". Losing Paul Mohr, our 5A "Player of the Year", is huge. But with the battle of Fr. Kal Bay, and Frankie Chavarria for the coveted PG spot, and the improved play and strength of Ziri and Williams, MdN, Funk & co. owns the Title, and someone has to take it away, which will not be easy.

Here is a look at the "Rock Collector":

Rusty Funk, Senior, Marcos de Niza

HT: 6'3"

WT: 190

Last years stats: 7ppg 3 rebounds 1 assist per game 59% from the field, 60%free throw

Team record 2002: 25-8 5A state champs

Interests for college: Looking at some schools in Texas, Indiana, Kansas, and California.

Academic interest: Education, Coaching

Biggest thrill as a player: Winning the State Championship

Biggest influence as a player: My Dad, he taught me the game, and coached me all through my childhood, taught me the fundamentals. Now he supports my team and me and offers great advice.

Who he models his game after: Shane Battier. I admire his work ethic and all around game


Coach T

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