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November 25, 2002

After Game Day, join all the fans for some insight about all the games, scores etc.......Were open all night long!

It starts tonight!'s Game Day Chat!


October 7th, 2002

As we approach the 2002-2003 season, I have come to the conclusion that the importance of a quality website where fans, players and coaches can go and get information, give opinions and promote Arizona High School Sports is much more important than earning a few dollars. Although the cost of running this site has increased, the good that it brings, and the ability for ALL FANS to enjoy it is much larger than only allowing a much smaller audience who has joined the site for $7.95/month. The support I received with all of our changes, my health, and the switch from to has been tremendous. The number of premium subscribers has been fantastic, but honestly, the atmosphere of the website has changed. Do we need revenue to keep things running smooth and adding new features? Big Time, but I am going to make it a voluntary gesture, not required. Therefore, as of today will revert back to a FREE site. With the option to join our total access club. only if you wish to help support If you like what you see, join! If not, keep enjoying what we bring at no charge. I guess you could think of it as a tip jar. Tip us if you like. Please tell all your friends, family and teammates. Coaches, announce to your teams is the place to be for ALL your results. IT IS FREE BAYBEEEEEEEEE. Now lets get ready for another great hoop season, and get busy on the message boards! My goal is to have 400 registered members by December 1st, Our 1 year anniversary! Thanks again for all your support, and please e-mail me with any comments, suggestions or complaints to:


Coach T


October 3, 2002

How many of us can say we play Big Ten Basketball? Not me can you? Vince Scott will now be able to next year. After giving his verbal to the 2001-2002 (16-13) Northwestern Wildcats of the Big Ten, Scott solidified his future. Whether he ever plays basketball after his college career ends or not. Northwestern, for those who do not know, is in the same academic class as a Stanford, Duke etc… Hard work, mental toughness and desire do pay off!

I have known Vince for quite some time. Actually had the chance to work with him in my Player Development Program when Scott was in middle school. And no, I had NOTHING to do with his success. In fact I probably screwed him up, and his High School coaches straightened him out after the PDP. It has been great watching this skinny 7th grader develop into who he is today. Despite the flak he got being a little uncoordinated, getting pushed around and his frustration while he developed into a Big Ten player. Now he can tell all those kids who messed with him to go stick it, cause his time has come!

This coming season don't expect Scott to dominate the AZ hoop season, because he is still developing into the future monster he will become. Wait a couple years, and when you see Vince walking around Metro Center during the summer, you will be shocked. A Big Ten Player will be in the house, on your TV, and in the National news. Congratulations Vince Scott, and we all look forward to seeing that drop step-tomahawk dunk against Indiana in the coming years!

Coach T

Can someone answer why a DI prospect that has been recruited for the last 2 years HAS NOT taken the SAT yet? Thus preventing him in taking any official visits. Either his High School Coach should be fired, the Moon Valley Counseling Department, or the recruit does not deserve a $100,000 scholie because he screwed up. Amazing!

On a personal note, you might have noticed not much has happened on PrepAZ lately. I have been busy working on my writing skillz andhopeto start writing moreas weget closerto the season!;)

Coach T

September 9, 2002

PUMA: Last Friday I was watching the US Open. As I watched Williams (PUMA CAT OUTFIT) ;) suddenly a bulletin flashed across the screen. RAIN ON THE WAY, SHUT DOWN EVERYTHING. As I watched the reporter panic, express shock and concern because a MASSIVE STORM FRONT is here, I wondered if I would ever see my family again. I began to panic, grab pictures, called my Wife-Kids, grabbed my dog, and dove under the couch and Kissed my U know what goodbye! I figured if they interrupted the US Open, and every other program on the tube, this has got to be the end!

Now I am not from Arizona, nor want to ever claim that I am, but you natives are WACKED! I walked outside and saw a little sprinkle along with the natives evacuating the State!

The people running the news, along with those re-porters, have WAY TOO MUCH TIME on their hands. I mean for that to be the ALERT with the annoying beeps every 15 seconds on TV, because it's cloudy and we got rain coming in, well, all you natives are WACKED!

Funny: Is it me, or are the 2 racist sports in the UNITED STATES being dominated by blacks! Tennis and the Williams Sista's, Golf and the Tiger! What a great way to stick it to the Tennis-Golf Establishment!

High School Coaches: My nephew recently had tryouts for his high school golf team, which he was a member his sophomore year. He got cut, which he probably deserved. Not committed during the off-season was his demise but I know he learned his lesson. The problem I have is how the coach handled it. As a returning member, and a potential future team member, dontcha think something would have been said. Maybe what to work on or why he missed the cut or even a plain "Hi". Nothing, and worse yet the coach avoids the parents like they have the plague. Nice backbone coach! Way to handle your job as a role model and leader of young men! I won't mention the school out of respect to my nephew, but I'll have more on this at a later date!

Game Day Chat: Most of you have noticed our new feature, Game Day Chat. Our own's Sports chat is up and running. I want to use this feature for after games or events to report scores and individual performances! Also to have special guests on for your questions after our "Sunday Night Rap"! The same rules apply as our "Crash the Boards". Also the Chat room will go to Members only October 1st.

If you have any questions e-mail me at

Vanished: Yes I have been absent this last week, but will come back strong as we approach hoop season! We need to get our premium boards hoping, so START posting!

I check ya later,

Coach T

August 30, 2002

Happy Anniversary Maurice Shaw! Today is the 4th anniversary of the 3rd school he left to transfer to before he left to his 4th school in 4 years. Next month will be his 5th anniversary of the 3rd school he left to attend his 4th school in 5 years! Next summer will begin his anniversary process of the 1st. College he attends, before he leaves to attend Junior College, which will begin his journey of 3 Junior Colleges in 2 years, but before that he will transfer to at least 1 four year college in which he will change his mind and go back to the 2nd Junior College because they had his best interest at heart. After that he will begin his 2nd 4-year college in which he will celebrate his 1st anniversary of the first 4-year college he signed at prior to the 3 JC's he attended. During his first anniversary of his first 4-year college he will celebrate 8 anniversaries of at least 5 High Schools and 3 Junior Colleges, but always remembering THE FIRST WAS ALWAYS THE BEST!

Some advice for the future "potential star". Always sign a pre-nup before you tie the knot! I have a feeling IT MIGHT BE A GOOD IDEA!

Coach T

August 29, 2002

Happy Birthday Pops!

I wanted to acknowledge my Dad's B-day for a couple reasons. #1. I had no choice, #2. I'm that kinda guy, sweet and sensitive, not afraid to hang my emotions out there for the whole world to see! #3 HE'S DA MAN!

I got absolutely no athletic ability from him, but with his million dollar hands he was out there in the backyard catching my 100mph fastball when Coach T was a "Big Time" little leaguer. That's right, led the majors in HR's when I was 12. It was downhill from there. The next year I led the next level in strikeouts! But thanks to Pops, he kept me sharp and tried to teach me the Piano. But the hardwood took over. I bring this up because I read everyday how fathers put to much pressure on their kids, and everyday a talented kid quits coz he can't handle it anymo! The Piano man let my Bro & myself do what we liked, NOT WHAT HE LIKED! All you little league parents take note. Let go, see success! CAN YOU HANDLE THAT?

On another note for you guy athletes out there, for a 20+ year old, being an athlete is not where it's at when it comes to female attraction! Learn the piano. I'm telling ya some valuable info here, the women will be flocking over the dude who can tickle the ivory much more than tickle the twine!


Women's Hoops: I remember when women's hoops was on the rise in AZ. Now they are all asleep. No talk, no interest, no PUB baybee. Oh well, I guess you'all will have to wait for the Repub!

Music: I love music, but hate the piano! (Just Kidding) Music is the motivation of many athletes, and is the quickest thing to get someone up after a loss. Best up-beat song out right now: Sugar Ray's "When it's over"! Get it, I'll betcha you be singing loud cruisin down the highway. I DO. That's right, I can sing to! (Not many things I can't do, except play the piano) Not really, I still am looking for what I CAN DO. I'm pretty good at pointing out YOUR problems, but not much more. And of course I have no defects of charactor! (I have no idea where that came from, but I'll leave it in to take up space)

Anyway, I am sure you noticed the new look of the site. Nobody gave me a heads-up on the change, so I have no idea what it does to help the site. I'll check it out and let ya know. Also, wrong logo as you can see. The network is the "Insiders", but more like the "Outsiders"! (Great movie by the way) PONYBOY was Bad to the Bone!


More 411 later tonight!  I'm out partying with the original Coach T!


Coach T

August 27, 2002

What's up all you lame Arizona Prep Sports fans? Is it the school year blues or what? Our message board is WEAK! It's right here all you boneheads

The Little League champs from Louisville reminded me of a joke:

How do you pronounce the capital of Kentucky?

  1. Louisville?
  2. Or

  3. Loius Ville?



It's Frankfurt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See, I told you all those history & geographical classes we took in school meant NOTHING!


Most of us have been to Vegas, and done a little gambling. As well as our beloved Reservation casino's. My wife and I stopped by Casino Arizona last week on the way home from our "Marriage Encounter", weekend. LMAO, just kidding. Anyway, How come when you win some money from an Indian casino, they look at you like "HOW DARE YOU WIN"? They get pissed! At Vegas, they laugh and say "Good Luck"! Anyway, I limited myself to $5. I headed for the video poker, played 2 hands and hit Four 5's BAYBEEEEE! It was only 77 bucks, but I cashed out after the win. Everybody looked at me like I should be committed!

Anyway, it paid for the three traffic violations I got driving out of the rez!

Speaking of the rez, what's up with the Tuba City Girls program? I heard some rumblings about the coaching staff. Hell, they just won it all,!

Anyway, not much happening in the AZ prep sports scene. I'll check back late tonight. Maybee I'll have some Maurice Shaw newz……………..

Coach T

August 24, 2002

National Prep Championship All-Star Tournament

What an idea!  Never happen but lets fantasize about who we would send, along with who we would select to lead these fine young men.  Here are my picks:

Team Arizona

  • Gary Ernst - Head Coach
  • Sam Ballard - Associate Head Coach
  • Sam Duane Jr. - Assistant Head Coach
  • Brian Peabody - Assistant Coach
  • Dan Manix - Assistant Coach

Point Guards

  • Jon Simon - Sunnyslope
  • Jordan Ballard - Mt. Pointe
  • Yahosh Bonner - Mt. View

Big Guards

  • Lee Cummard - Mesa
  • Daniel Waddy - Salpointe
  • Dallas Rensch - Mt. View
  • Todd Golden - Sunnyslope


  • Brett Collins - Mt. Pointe
  • Devon Evertson - Moon Valley
  • Gerad Punch - Brophy
  • Tyler McGinn - Mesquite
  • Lawrence Hill - Deer Valley


  • Vince Scott - Greenway
  • Xavier Kilby - DV

Ok, so I promised a comparison between the Ballards and Lopez. Well to be honest I'm not ready to devote the time or energy, but I will say this: Jordan has developed himself into a D1 PG, because of Coach Ballard and how the situation is being handled. The latter has not, and when reality hits next year for Levi, Pops won't be there to bail him out!

Ok, I promise not to mention the situation at St. Mary's again. No really I promise!

Here is a thought that I really believe:

To develop yourself into the best player you can be, in any sport, you have to have a mild case of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Don't laugh, think about it after you read the definition below.


Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder a disorder characterized by uncontrollable thoughts and action that can only be alleviated by patterns of rigid and ceremonial behavior. Symptoms frequently cause considerable distress and interference with daily social or work activities. There may be a major preoccupation with the smallest of details in. Obsessive ideas frequently involve contamination, dirt, diseases, germs, real / imagined trauma, or some type of frightening / unpleasant theme. People recognize their obsessive ideas do not make sense but are unable to stop them. These obsessive thoughts frequently lead to compulsive behaviors as the person try to prevent or change some dreaded event. They frequently repeat activities over and over again. ( E.g., washing hands, cleaning things up, checking locks )

We call players who live in a gym, "Gym Rats". But isn't this really a form of O.C.D.?

I'm not making fun or implying a negative here. But for the normal athlete to perform at his/her highest level, you have to be a little bit obsessive and compulsive to reach your peak(mild form). We just use the word "Passion" because it sounds better!

Word I have heard is the Men's Club Basketball scene in AZ this past summer was BAD. Problems after problems. Again, I'll utter my thoughts, Club Basketball hurts most, and helps few. If your gonna play, play for the games, not EXPOSURE!

How bout the story this am about the Globe situation.  Parents threats, The Head Coach has to be escorted to his car after a summer league game by Coolidge's Dave Glascow?  Something smells funny here.  State finals and he quits.  Who the hell is running the show, and why won't Coaches stand up to parents?  Well, I know, because the AD's and Principals won't back em'.  We have WAY TO MUCH TIME ON OUR HANDS if Prep Sports has come to this.  This has got to be the craziest summer ever with coaching controversies and scandals.

Everyday I wait (22 years) to see if & when I will use the Geometry I had to take in College.  Let alone the dumbass science classes I stayed up all night studying for....Cutting up that cadaver & frog has come in handy preparing me for life after college!  The only thing I learned looking at that poor dude laying on the table cut open by 100 college students is: you get really violated donating your body to science.  He probably still haunts all of us after 22 years with the sh&t we did to him.

Sportscenter 25,000 show Sunday Night!  You gotta watch, the commercials are the best in the biz!  Other that the first Nike Freestyle ad.

I've been neglecting Women's hoops, but that will soon end.

What ever happened to pecker?

One last thought, I am thinking of changing our name to:

Coach T's! ;) (inside joke)

Just kidding..........................



August 20, 2002

Up all night, doing it right! Well, not really, but just got back working out some ballers in my Player Development Program at the Village-Gainey Ranch! Speaking of, for those of you who have toyed with the idea of joining my PDP. My prices are rising from $1500 to $2000/year this Friday the 23rd. Need to keep the numbers down, and committed players only and raising my price every year seems to do the trick! So you got 2 days to make a decision baybee! No exceptions.

A little tip for those of you not familiar with the Village-Gainey Ranch and are single, GET FAMILIAR WITH IT! OMG………………………Of course I am married, and would never look, but that is what I have heard about it! ;)

Who the hell is Dr. Phil? Oprah's new fling? I wonder if he could help Maurice Shaw?

Brubaker is on TV. Reminds me of the AIA and it's organization. Redford comes in to clean it up, but that's in the movies,

Ballard vs. Lopez……..Jordan vs. Levi……Coach & Son situation vs. Coach & Son situation.

Sorry, but had to bring this up.

First of all, I respect Coach Sam Ballard. What he went through last year with all the negative pub regarding those gutless x-players was painful. Also, he came on my show "Sunday Night Rap" and defended himself, and his program. (Coach Ballard having to defend his program is a crime) Along with taking some heat about current players who might have had some trouble in the past. Let me point out, one of those players has capitalized on his 2nd chance and if not for Coach Ballard, would not be experiencing his success as we speak. But is anybody TALKING about that?

More in am…………I just realized I need more time to compare the Ballard-Lopez scenario. I am gonna have fun with this, so check back late morning.

Coach T


August 19, 2002

Maurice Shaw transfers to Mt. Pointe!


Can we get some love for Scott & Just Dad? They put much time and effort into their pre-season top 10! Thanks guys. Check it out on SCOTT & JUSTDAD ARE GODS

I just heard some great news, Jon Simon is NOT signing early. Great move by a great playa. Many a time in my recruiting days, kids that have been overlooked, are "discovered" after the early period. Simon will no doubt be discovered by a quality program much higher than what is currently recruiting him. (Lafayette and Eastern Kentucky). Both quality DI's, but I see Simon leading a WCC program the next 4 years! Having spent almost 9 years recruiting in that conference, I KNOW Simon would become an All-Conference PG in the right WCC school. (San Diego, Pep, Santa Clara etc…..)

For all you "Hip Hop" fools out there, I got a great place for ya on Saturdays! The Hard Rock Café, "Liquid Saturday" has become the best dance club in the city. Get there early, after the HRC takes away the table & chairs, you might see Coach T gruvin to Snoop, Dre along with some jammin reggae baybeeee!

Hell yes I CAN DANCE!

What's up with the women's message board, did we forget the LADIES NIGHT, NO COVER CHARGE

Check out the job ad WANTED: FATHER OF 6'9" BALLER WHO CAN PLAY WITH EVERTSON for boys basketball.

I guess the Elder Shaw got canned! LMAO

Best non-sports tip of the day: Go get those Tide tablets for your laundry! Those make life so much easier. Don't laugh, I am giving you some huge advice!

Best sports tip of the day: Jump rope for 30 minutes a day. Regardless of your sport.

Best school tip of the day: Work you're a$$ off the first 3 months of school, it sets the tone for the year!

Best High School Coach tip of the day: Learn the term "Low Maintenance".

Best Athletic Director tip of the day: Learn the initials CMABCMMRS

(Try to figure that out!)

Well, I got to run…………..

Coach T

August 17, 2002

Transfers abound as the 2002-2003 school year begins!  Any thought's why?  When I went to school, the "in" thing was to gut it out and fight through your problems.  Nowadays, "Run Baybeee Run"!  And yes, anybody that transfers schools is a weak and pathetic student-athlete!  My opinion, but they bail on people who count on them to benifit themselves.  I could care less if the so-called education, or neighborhood is better.  It's all a lie.  The grass ain't always greener on the other side.  The excuse of "I'm going to live with the other parent" don't cut it either.  I read the blurb in the repub about Logan Wolf, and I think it came down to.. well I better not, but it's all B.S. if ya ask me. Tiffany Davis?  She bolts on a Coach & program that gave her the platform to improve and experience success.  What's she do?  Adios Coach Cheney & co. Thanks for the pedestal but I gots to think of myself! 

Player position rankings:  Will be out the first week of September.  Only for's Total Access Members.

Look for the complete Football schedule posted this week as well.

And finally, will be covering all the AZ Juco's and player evauluations as well.  We have added a Juco Premium Forum, so let all your Juco buddies know, we will give them some love!


I best go, gotta check on where Maurice Shaw is going to school this week!


Coach T





August 14, 2002

UPDATED 4:30pm

Is it me, or should have Logan Wolf & co. checked out the rules of moving schools & eligiblity before HE TRANSFERRED! The lack of interest in checking that out has to raise questions on his interest in playing ball this year. 

I heard through the grapevine Coach Dave Lopez of St. Mary's is trying to re-name the gym on the 3rd st. campus to "The House That Lopez Built".  Maybe I'm to critical of the guy, but if not for Bebe Fontenet, and his 2 son's, there never woulda been a 5A State Championship banner in the gym.  C-Frye could not of done it alone.  Speaking of Lopez, how bout the quote about Club Ball being too political!  OH MY GOD.  In the Catholic world on 3rd, political is spelled with L>>>O>>>P>>>E>>>Z! 

I said it once, and say it again, Salpointe is my pick to win it all come March!  Both Men & Women!



Coca-Cola was originally green.
Intelligent people have more zinc and copper in their hair.
"I am." is the shortest complete sentence in the English language.
No NFL team which plays its home games in a domed stadium has ever
won a Super bowl.
The only two days of the year in which there are no professional sports games (MLB, NBA, NHL, or NFL) are the day before and the day after the Major League all-stars Game.


In Scotland, a new game was invented. It was entitled Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden.... and thus the word GOLF entered into the English language.


With 75 days or so before the 2002-2003 Prep basketball season/practice gets started. DID YOU KNOW?

Instead of going into a gym and playing pick-up games, you shot 300 3's/day (on the move).  That would be 22,500 3's before your first day of practice.  DO YOU THINK YOUR SHOT WOULD IMPROVE?

A 30 minute daily workout, working on your weaknesses, would greatly improve your game as opposed to playing in a gym for 4 hours/day.

Jumping rope for 30 minutes a day would improve you quickness, footspeed and conditioning better than any other workout.


More later today, we will check ya later!

Coach T 

August 13, 2002

Did you know the Little League World Series is under way? I always have enjoyed watching the finals on a Saturday afternoon. The big question this year, with all the scandals and suspensions in youth sports over the last year, I heard the players and coaches could go on strike before the first pitch this year! ;)

Speaking of baseball, has anyone out there sat through a WHOLE Diamondback game from start to finish. And, while sitting there checkin out all the interesting fans, how many said to yourself, "God it's only the 5th inning"!

Nothing better than a Starbucks Vente Ice coffee with 4 add shots to get you going!

What the hell was the Empire Glass Founder doing in a hotel with a case full of jewelry? A Best Western at that! MMMMMMMMMMMM

TOTAL ACCESS: For you "I ain't paying for no website" fans out there, the price will be going up to the normal prices soon: 11.95/month or 119.99/year. So take the plunge. You might be sorry. Also, the Recruiting Yearbook is SWEEEEEET. Oh my bad, you will be sorry!

Check out MB.

Check this out, you can search your favorite past college players and "Where they play now" at former players living a dream.

IDEA: Play the Mercury games before the ASU Men's games. Oh yeah, the Mercury's season is going on now.

Well, that is it today, I'll see ya Wednesday.

Coach T

August 12, 2003


WNBA: Are the Mercury still ballin in AWA?  Sorry lady hoop fans but I'd rather go to a Deer Valley/Scottsdale School District Board meeting to discuss which Coach their gonna drop.  I'll admit, I went to ONE game in their first season but hell, what is the attraction?  Well, other than, well you know what I mean. Football: I know the majority of visitors to are hoop fans, but with football around the corner, you pigskin fans take that first step and post ur thoughts on our football forum.  I have a few interesting things planned for the upcoming season.  So stay tuned......  Best comment by forum poster:  The intersting play on St. Mary's Lady Knights.  St. Maybee's by our own "StillAWA".  While the Knights have some quality Fr. ballers on their 3rd st. campus, my guess it will take a year before they live up to the "Hype" given them at this early stage. 

Well, slow day today, so I am going to leave you with this to ponder.  I posted it on the boards, but I think this says it all. (I don't usually get all motivational or inspirational, but you gotta love this!

You don't actually have to take the quiz; just read
straight through and you'll get the point; it's a very
interesting point to be made.


1. Name the five wealthiest people in the world.

2. Name the last five Heisman trophy winners.

3. Name the last five winners of the Miss America contest.

4. Name ten people who have been awarded the Nobel or
Pulitzer prize.

5. Name the last half a dozen Academy Award winners.

6. Name the last decade's worth of World Series winners.

How did you do?

Here's another quiz:

1. List a few teachers who aided your journey through school.

2. Name three friends who have helped you through a
difficult time.

3. Name five people who have taught you something worthwhile.

4. Think of a few people who have made you feel
appreciated and special.

5. Think of five people you enjoy spending time with.

6. Name half a dozen heroes whose stories have inspired you.

The point is, none of us remember the head-liners of
yesterday and these are no second-rate achievers.
They are the best in their fields, but the applause dies.
Awards tarnish and achievements are forgotten.
Accolades and certificates are buried with their owners
The lesson: The people who make a difference in your
life are not the ones with the most credentials, the
most money, or the most awards. They are the ones that
care. Pass this on to those people who have made a
difference in your life. (Parents, Coaches, Teachers & Friends).

Coach T


August 10, 2002

Ok, ok, ok, so it took me awhile to get everything set-up. But I finally did it! Our new presence in the world of web e-zines is: No more confusion, so spread the word, we are here to stay and bring you the 411 on the Arizona Prep Sports scene.

Look for our new logo in the coming week.

Our Total Access Pass membership registration has started out with a bang, and we appreciate your support and interest. Now the pressure is on to continue and elevate our coverage, but I know our crack reporters and myself will rise to the occasion.

With much feedback regarding our premium forums, and lack of a separate forum for women, I resolved the problem as most of you can see. Also, as we draw closer to the tip-off of the 2002-2003 season, I'll add a "Small Ball" forum for all you "JTL" fans.

Again, if you have any comments or suggestions, please e-mail me and I'll take a look.

Starting this Monday, I'll begin to profile the Men's Top 10 College Prospects as I see them. Listed on our premium forum are my picks! Coming next week will be my Top 10 Women Prospects. So if you have not joined the Total Access club, GET ON THE STICK and do it. For 22 cents a day, have access to the best sports network on the web. Including baybeeeeeeee.

Also, look for my 411 column daily starting this Monday. I PROMISE!

See you in "Crash the Boards"!

Coach T


August 5, 2002

Before you get all worked up, take a deep breath, sit back and chill baybeee!  Yes, we are going to subscription-pay per view or what ever you want to term it.  We are providing a free forum and articles from JustDad and Scott will be free.  I will not charge for their volunteer efforts.  But, after being up and running for 9 months, the cost to provide a quality site has become too much.  Case in point, changing from to what we are now. So,where does that leave you?  Right here, right now!  Nothing has changed for you. If you do not want to read my evaluations, articles, opinions or bad writing skills, use our free forum like the other, and all of us will be there to answer, give opinions and BMC!  BUT, if you liked our coverage, my off the wall opinions, and 3rd grade writing skillz join up.  The cost: 22 cents a day!  That is it........and......I promise the coverage will be better, no false promises, and my writing skills will never get bedda.  My goal for this website is for it to become the #1 web e-zine for AZPrep Sports.  After 9 months I believe we made a dent, and will continue to improve.  Hang in there, join our exclusive total access pass, and get on the boards so we can turn this into a website for info, entertainment and fun! 


If you have anymore questions, please e-mail me at Coach T is a jerk for charging for this site!.

Thanks for your support, and I look forward to serving you in the years to come!


Coach T

August 2, 2002

Gary Payton: Watching MTV's Cribs the other day, I saw "The Glove's" multi-million dollar crib.  It reminds me of a true recruiting story about Gary and how crazy recruiting really is:

In 1984 I was coaching and recruiting at the University of San Francisco.  My #1 recruit was a guy by the name of Greg Foster of Skyline High School in Oakland CA.  6'11", Foster was going to turn around USF after the scandal that hit USF in the 81 season.  I was hired to help re-build the Dons, and I spent the entire season following Foster.  Saw every game he played, got to know him like a brother, and his Mom like a close friend.  Foster had a teammate by the name Gary Payton.  Skinny and COCKY, Payton spent the entire season beggin me to offer him a scholie at USF. 

Because of the scandal, we could only recruit top academic athletes, and Payton fell below the standard, although he qualified to get into school and play.  Gary worked and worked, trying to convince us to take a chance.  Even though he was a solid H.S. baller, he was NOT being recruited by anyone.  After the season ended, St. Johns saw him play and offered him.  Payton was elated, until they pulled back the offer, not wanting to take a chance on this skinny kid from Oak Town that nobody was recruiting.  Our other assistant, John Cosentino was close friends with an assistant at Oregon State. Jim Anderson, who went on and replaced Ralph Miller after he retired. Cosentino, like myself, wanted to help Payton, so John pushed Anderson to offer Payton a scholie. 


The last time I saw Payton, was in the parking lot of USF after a pick-up game, and one last time he begged me to offer him, which we could not.  He went on and re-wrote the Oregon State record books.

The rest is HISTORY.


By the way, Foster went on and played 2 years at UCLA, then transfered to UTEP.


The moral to this true story is, we as players try to force the issue.  Maybe, just maybe the answer will come to YOU.

It did for "The Glove"!


Coach T


July 28, 2002

Attention: Central High School needs a Football Coach! Hey A.D.'s, I got an idea, try backing your coaches and don't run for cover the first time a parent complains about some trumped up charges of abuse or favoritism. Do you blame these underpaid coaches not jumping at a chance to be "DA MAN" in a high school program. I wrote about this last year, but my experience interviewing for these jobs is: poor interviews by the Admins, no feedback during the process, and the eggshell answers that have to be given to these committee's so you sound politically correct! In fact, I went on a interview campaign this past spring, 13 to be exact, to see for myself what could be the problem in the school districts and the hiring practices. Did I waist the time of the Admins? Maybe, but what I found was a joke of a system. A.D.'s that had no idea what they wanted, and the sense of urgency just to hire someone so they could go back to their office and hide under the desk! (I'll have my complete story this fall)


How come more School Principals and Athletic Directors were killed in Vietnam than any other profession?

When the commanding Officer yelled, "GET DOWN", they all got up and danced! ;)


Dave Hodges: No word yet on what happened, but I won't quit until I find out.


Prediction: Eminem's "Without Me" will be heard throughout Arizona gyms during pre-game warm-ups in 2002-2003! Speaking of Eminem, is it me or does Mesa's future star Lee Cummard look like a tall "Slim Shaddy" or what?


Our future: Thanks to all who have been patient as we regroup and settle in to our new crib! My biz, health and the future looks bright as we have managed to stay above water! Kinda reminds me of the Bailey savings and load in "It's a Wonderful life"! (A dollar and a rabbit) and yes, I dance around the house everynight as we get through another day.

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