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Just Hoops Tournament Schedule for July 6th & Teams

Just Hoops Desert Classic July 6-9 2002
Participating Teams

Junior College:

Apaches 1 (Cochise CC)
Apaches 2 (Cochise CC)
Eagles (Northland Pioneer)
Columbia Basin (Washington)
Bellevue CC (Washington)
Aztecs (Pima CC)
Artichokes (Scottsdale CC)
T-Birds (Mesa CC)
Rough Riders (Yavapai CC)
Bears (Phoenix CC)
Cougars (South Mountain CC)

High School Varsity:

Mesa                                                  Lions
Mesa Mtn View (Mt View)                Coolidge
Palo Verde (PV)                                South Mtn (South)
Just Hoops                                         McClintock
Flowing Wells (FW)                           Brophy
Shadow Mountain (Shadow)              Thunderbird (T-Birds)
Desert Vista (Desert)                         Cienega
Mesquite                                            Buena
Santa Rita (SR)                                  Tolleson
Salpointe (SCHS)                              Sahuaro
Carl Hayden (Hayden)                       Seaton Catholic
Flagstaff (Flag)                                  Marana
Tucson High                                      Pusch Ridge
Catalina                                            Gilbert
Dobson                                             St. Mary's
Millennium-??                                   Globe

Junior High Schools:

Mesa                                               Hoops 2
Mesa Mt View                                Globe
Nogales                                           Huskies
McClintock                                     Mesquite
Tigers ??                                         Gilbert
Dobson                                           Thunderbird
Bears                                              Buena
Lancers                                           Santa Rita

*GHS – Gilbert High School
*MHS – Mesquite High School

Time        Site        Court 1                Court 2                        Court 3

9 am         GHS Mesa/Mt View – JV Nogales/McClintock –JV Tigers/Dobson – JV
MHS Bears/Lancers – JV Huskies/Mesquite - JV Buena/Just Hoops – JV

10:20 am GHS Hoops 2/Global – JV        Gilbert/T-Birds – JV Mesa/Mt. View – V
MHS PV/Just Hoops – V Mesquite/Desert – V FW/ Shadow –V

11:40 am GHS Gilbert/St. Mary – V Sahuaro/Marana – V Pusch Ridge/Seton –V
MHS Lions/Coolidge – V South/McClintock –V Tucson/Catalina – V

1:00 pm GHS SCHS/Desert –V Hayden/Flag – V Global/Buena – V
MHS Dobson/Millen – V Brophy/T-Birds – V Cienega/Tolleson –V

2:20 pm GHS Mesa/Nogales – JV Marana/Pusch Ridge – V Mt View/McClint –JV
MHS Tiger/Bears – JV Dobson/Lancers – JV Global/Mesquite – JV

3:40 pm GHS Hoops 2/Huskies –JV Gilbert/Buena – JV T-Birds/Dobson – JV
MHS FW/Desert – V Shadow/Mesquite – V Mesa/PV – V

5:00 pm GHS Mt View/Sahuaro – V Gilbert/Global – V St.Mary's/Buena –V
MHS Tucson/Dobson – V Catalina/Millen – V Just Hoops/Flag – V

6:20 pm GHS SCHS/Hayden – V Lions/South – V Seton/Sahuaro – V
MHS Brophy/Cienega – V T-Birds/Tolleson – V Coolidge/McClint-V


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