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Do you really think College Coaches read and watch those letters and tapes you send out? They don't, and I never did when I coached at the DI level. They will however listen to someone who has a proven track record in recruiting.

Welcome to the College Players Club, dedicated to potential recruits, where information on College Recruiters and potential recruits is verified. Our director, a former major college coach, developed this program for you, the player.

The College Players Club is for all Arizona Prep Sports!

The CPC offers:

  • Send out your profile monthly to every college athletic program in the country. (Sent to your sport and backed with vital stats of your high school career)
  • Profile you on  which will be seen by hundreds of College Programs.
  • Provide support, and guidance in the selection process.
  • E-mail monthly newsletter to remind you of important dates. (testing, NCAA Clearing House, etc...)
  • Notify you when interested programs want video, transcripts, contact information.
  • Let you update stats, and any important info on your CPC Profile.  Just e-mail us with any updates to:
  • Free access to College Coaches to our CPC Data Base.
  • Eliminates your cost and time sending profiles and interest letters to College Programs.(We all know College Recruiters file away letters from parents)

Plus much more for only $99.95/year.

Whether you are currently being recruited or you are just beginning your search, we can help. Prep and Junior College athletes of any sport,  men and women, benefit from the College Players Club. The student-athlete provides stats, video tape, contact information, plus much more in their profile. The College Coach has the ability to watch your tape, request a transcript and contact you directly through the College Players Club. Imagine exposure to every college athletic program in the country, and the opportunity to continue your career, whether on athletic scholarship, academic funding, or playing because you love the game, for roughly $8.00/month. Why, to give you the assist in realizing your dream! That's why!

Sign-Up Online:


You will receive your packet via e-mail within 12 hours of registration.  For any questions or comments, please e-mail us at


About Us:

The College Players Club, under the direction of our parent company, HoopBiz L.L.C., and an affiliate of, provides the student-athlete opportunities through profiles, the ability to provide every college program in the country, video tape, pictures, transcripts and other vital information in the recruiting process.

Student Athlete Costs: For a setup fee of $99.95/year, the student-athlete can update information, pictures and stats 24 hours a day, 7 days a week..

College Coaches Fee: Free access to our database, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Why should you join the College Players Club: Knowing thousands of student athletes spend hundreds of dollars on overnight delivery and postage of video tapes, transcripts and researching Colleges or Universities, The setup fee for your profile and the exposure you will receive is reason enough! But let us name a few others!

Competition: We know there are numerous on-line recruiting services, prices ranging from $100/year up to $2000/year. Less than 2% are directed by a former NCAA Division I Coach with hundreds of contacts throughout the Country (at all levels).

Why is the CollegePlayersClub so inexpensive? We are in this for the long haul. No quick profit and out of business for us! We have structured The College Players Club to last, absorbing the cost of setting up our recruiting system so we can offer the setup fee at a more than reasonable cost to you! Think about it, for $8.00/month, you instantly reach any college or university staff with all your vital information.

Our Director: Gary Trousdale, with over 22 years experience coaching and recruiting at the college level (Division I), directing camps, developing players and most importantly has hundreds of college coaching contacts at every level all over the country!

· Recruiting Coordinator/Assistant Basketball
University of Tulsa, University of San Francisco, University of Portland
· Recruited 22 Division 1 All-Conference players
· Recruited 6 freshman of the year
· Here is a brief list of the many contacts and good friends:
Tubby Smith, University of Kentucky
Ron Jirsa, University of Dayton
Flip Saunders, NBA Head Coach, Minnesota
Steve Lavin, UCLA
Pat Sandle, Assistant Coach UCLA
(Trousdale coached & recruited both Coach Lavin And Coach Sandle at San Francisco State University)
Brian Loyd, Assistant Coach, UMASS
Bill Self, Illinois
Mike Miller, Kansas State
Shawn Finney, University of Tulane
Plus hundreds more at all levels!

We hope this has helped in your decision making process in selecting your recruiting service. Feel free to e-mail Coach Trousdale with any more questions or concerns at

We look forward to working with you in your college selection!

"94 feet for 40 minutes"
Can you handle it?
The College Players Club

FAQ of College Players Club:

What if I do not have an e-mail account to receive letters from College Coaches?
Once you sign up for CP, you will need to GET ONE! This account will be used for any correspondence from CollegePlayersClub and College Coaches from all over the Country. Using e-mail, will enable the college coach easier access to you, and provide easier communication with us as well as you.

Can I view information on other PLAYERS?
No, all information is private, and for College Coaches to view only.

Can I add a picture to my Profile?
Yes. We encourage it! You can instantly add your own picture. All Picture will be screened by a CPC staff member before uploading and becoming available to College Coaches)

Do I need my Coach's Approval on my Profile?
Input from your Coach is encouraged, but not necessary, all information will be verified by a CPC staff member.

When my coach reviews my statistics, do they have to be 100% accurate? Nobody expects your coach to recalculate every statistic/performance on your profile. However, their review will uncover any major discrepancies between your profile and your actual performance. This is the assurance that recruiters want from the CPC database, that all information is verified. They don't necessarily expect or need 100% accuracy.

Do I need to fill out all of the fields on the My Stats?
No, but remember, coaches search for specific talents. To improve your chances of being found on a search, you will want to complete as much of the form as possible.

Can I update my Statistics and or picture?
Yes. You will be able to update everything, sending them directly to our CPC Staff as often as you wish.

Performance, Development programs and camps to enhance my skill level, are they available?
We encourage all CollegePlayersClub members to continue to work on skill level!

For more information on something not covered, please e-mail us at:

Or phone @: 602.505.HOOP

To enroll:

Sign-up online:

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