On Campus: Sept. 8-10

College basketball has planned a busy weekend for itself. In conjunction with a series of extra large football games in Austin and South Bend, the requisite number of big time players will be on hand. Plus, Saturday will be a special night in Gainesville!

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    Randolph Visits Horns
    Down in The Swamp the returning players and coaches from the national champions will receive their rings prior to Gators football game Saturday night. It's sure to be quite the scene and for the ceremony, the Gators have invited some of the best players in America. Billy Donovan has a key frontcourt target in town and what Patterson decides in the coming weeks could have a ripple effect on college basketball.

    All eyes will be on Austin Saturday night when the Longhorns host Ohio State in the first Richter scale college football game of the year. The battle of No. 1 versus No. 2 will be the perfect backdrop for a Top 15 senior and few underclassmen to see what the Longhorns have to offer.

    Ditto for the Fightin' Irish who bring in Penn State. Mike Brey has an array of important seniors and underclassmen headed his way. However, the biggest number of visitors we've uncovered is on the banks of the Raritan where Fred Hill is likely to host at least 10 visitors.

    Weekend Visitors

    Patrick Patterson, Florida
    Chandler Parsons, Florida
    Nick Calathes, Florida
    Gary Johnson, Texas
    Anthony Randolph, Texas
    Willie Warren, Texas
    K.C. Ross-Miller, Texas 
    Blake Griffin, Oklahoma
    Tyrel Reed, Oklahoma
    Travis Releford, Oklahoma
    Cade Davis, Oklahoma
    Terrance Boyd, Oklahoma
    Josh Southern, Boston College
    Corey Raji, Boston College
    Rakim Sanders, Boston College
    Dexter Strickland, Rutgers
    Idris Hilliard, Rutgers
    Paris Bennett, Rutgers
    Travon Woodall, Rutgers
    Hakeem Harris, Rutgers
    Austin Johnson, Rutgers
    Jarrett Mann, Rutgers
    Corey Chandler, Rutgers
    Earl Pettis, Rutgers
    Lavoy Allen, Rutgers
    Brian Oliver, Rutgers
    Greg Echenique, Rutgers
    Tyler McDaniels, Wake Forest
    Nicholas Wright, Wake Forest
    Blake Hoffarber, Notre Dame
    Jon Leuer, Notre Dame
    Stephan Van Treese, Notre Dame
    Brent Eaton, Notre Dame
    Jerel Stephenson, South Carolina
    Toby Veal, South Carolina
    Trevor Deloach, South Carolina
    Johnny Thomas, North Carolina State
    Keegan Bell, LSU
    Darquavis Tucker, Miami
    Donte Greene, Syracuse
    Bradley Wannemaker, Pittsburgh
    Ty Abbott, Utah
    Ed Nixon, Dayton
    Carlon Brown, UNLV
    Xavier Alexander, George Washington
    Martavis Kee, Temple
    Andrew Bienert, Davidson
    Yorel Hawkins, Fairfield
    Remy Cofield, Binghamton
    Jay Gavin, Marist (Wednesday)
    George Valentine, Holy Cross

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