Globe Team Profile

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Globe Team Profile
 L to R: Tony Lopez (IC), Clark Bennett, Jacob Boykin, Ryan Golden, Sy Tomerlin, Sam Cunningham Not pictured: Michael Radanovich, Bobby Walish, and Phillip Edwards.

I originally intended to profile Sy Tomerlin after watching his outstanding performance at the "Just Hoops" tournament this year, but it developed into something totally unexpected. I didn't know how tight this team was ... its all for one and one for all.. so only a team profile would only do. This speaks highly of Tony (Interim coach) and the team whose six seniors have been playing together since they got out of diapers.

Every once in awhile a team gets the exact mixture of talent, ego, coaching, and chemistry to put together something special and I believe this Globe team has those ingredients. Less than 4 weeks ago this 3A team from Globe destroyed 5A teams from Gilbert, Sahuaro, Buena, and St. Mary's and took a half time lead into the 2nd half against Brophy in the Platinum Flight semi-finals. Their performance was huge considering the team isn't and usually plays only with six players.

Teamwork, unselfishness and clearly defined roles are the key to their success. Jacob Boykin runs the club from the point and double digit assist games are expected. Jacob already has good form on his shot, but is working to improve his shot for an already excellent outside shooting team. Clark Bennett and Michael Radonvich are a deadly duo from the outside without forcing shots. Boykin, Radonvich, and Clark are very good ball handlers and passers making difficult to pressure them especially late in a game. Bennett is working to improve his penetration to the hoop to compliment his outside game.

Down in the paint Globe has lefty Ryan Golden and Sy Tomerlin. Both are physical players and have no problems handling much larger players on either end of the floor. Ryan is almost impossible to move out of the paint without using explosives. He's a wide body player who is fearless and is quick around the hoop. Sy Tomerlin is a real force on both ends of the floor, capable of scoring 20-30 points on a regular basis against 5A talent consistently. Sy has the luxury of having some great outside shooting on the team so it's difficult for teams to sag off on him defensively.

The 6th man off the bench is Sam "Bam Bam" Cunningham. This guy makes it happen when he is on the floor. He seems to get every loose ball and rebound and turns garbage baskets into works of art.

This is a special team that will be at AWA next year.



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