#10 Tyler McGinn

For the next 10 days, I will preview my top ten college prospects in Arizona. In my selection, I have included only players I evaluated and had the chance to see play myself. Starting today, we kick it off with my #10 6'6" Tyler McGinn. Mesquite High School

Ranked #10

Tyler McGinn, 6-6 SR. Mesquite High School

A rock solid swing from Sammy Duane Jr.'s solid Mesquite program. McGinn proved this summer he could ball with "Rep's" across the Country. A no-nonsense baller who would rather play great and look bad, opposed to look great and play bad! (Can't say that about other PrepAZ top prospects). McGinn elevated his stock, and surprised many programs in the elite camps in July. Ranked #12th small forward in the West, one slot ahead of Moon Valley's Devon Evertson.

Athletic, Tyler can stroke it from three, and bang inside the paint which will give him the weapon of posting up smaller defenders at the next level. Which brings us to this:

McGinn is drawing interest from all levels, yet his strengths facing the basket and understanding of the game (which I credit to Coach Duane Jr.) could thrive in the West Coast Conference. His improvement handling the rock could turn him into an All-Conference player. He reminds me of a typical Santa Clara player who just gets it done, and wins. His future success will hinge on his selection of a college program where he will excel, and a system that can hide his weaknesses. Particularly defending a smaller quicker player.

McGinn won't get the PR this year, which usually is reserved for the flashy player, but in the end look for Tyler to become one of the few in the class of 2003 to go on and have a great 4-year career.

In these times of flash, shoe deals and fancy gear, McGinn reminds me of "Jimmy" in the classic movie Hoosiers. "Just Do It"!

Good luck Tyler, and we will be seeing ya ball your way to the top in 2002-2003.

Coach T

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