#8 The "Shaw" king Truth!

For the next 10 days, I will preview my top ten college prospects in Arizona. In my selection, I have included only players I evaluated and had the chance to see play myself. Today we profile #8, Maurice Shaw.

Ranked #8

Maurice Shaw. (School?) 6'8" Sr.

Hype led to the current rumblings regarding Shaw, including the many negative comments written & said (including yours truly) in the last few months. Much like last year and the pre-season hype of Bonner from Mt. View, Shaw found himself in a no-win situation. Yet much of the criticism was fueled by Maurice himself whether deserved or not.

We have a big time athlete; with above average skill who could be a great low to mid-major player. Could be, especially if all the pieces to the puzzle start coming together. If and when that happens will be determined by not only Shaw, but also the many college recruiters who wonder if the risk is really worth it.

Maurice falls into a recruiting category that coaches hate, risky!

Marurice's recruitment could also be limited to the following situations:

  • Major programs and staffs on the way out, whom will take a chance, with nothing to lose.
  • Mid major programs who have a scholie that can be used for "potential", with no expectations.
  • Low major programs, period.

Great athletic ability, who gets to the ball with major quicks, and can hit the 15ft jumper, will no doubt make Shaw virtually unstoppable in the high school ranks. Evident at the Nike camp, which caused the rumor, he was the top big man prospect in attendance. (Talent level was down this year) What will happen this season is a roll of the dice. It was best said by Scottazprephoops, "Is Maurice the next Brian Freeny", I'll take that bet. Not only because of the pattern in the last few months, but because you cannot change personalities. As much as coaches hope, it just ain't gonna happen. Gilbert Coach Tom Bennett could mold Shaw into the monster man we know he could be, or break him down to an afterthought. I hope he listens to Coach Bennett, with many years of experience coaching DI athletes, and I look forward to eating my words if and when that happens, come March.

Good Luck Mo!

I can speak for myself, and the student body of four high schools, when I say "we all will be pulling for ya"! Maybe the 5th will be the charm.

Coach T

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