#5 Daniel Waddy

#5 "The Wad". Cuz the dude is money! A candidate for 5A Player of the Year!

Ranked #5

Daniel Waddy. 6'3" SW. Salpointe

Peabody U. keeps cranking out superior teams and fundamentally sound players. The system promotes team concepts and wins. Individual accolades and publicity for the players are few; not to mention Tucson gets no respect from the repub or anybody else for that matter. But, Daniel Waddy, a big time athlete with the skillz to takeover a game is no "unknown" here. This kid has a chance to become a great DI baller.

"The Wad", (because the dude is money) will play a swing at the DI level. This talk of Point Guard just ain't true. His size, long range shooting ability and quicks make him a great prospect in the low-mid major level. "Wad" can elevate like no other I have seen in the class of 2003, can play "in ur face D" thanks to Peabody U. and from what I can tell, has a great head for the game.

Waddy & co. will get their respect after they march on to the 5A State Championship, (yes my pick) but it could be too late for the many good DI programs who won't get close to this big time athlete unless they get on him now.

"Wad's" handle needs to elevate to another level, along with his D on smaller quicker guards. But, his athletic ability and Wooden Jr. (Peabody) will develop these skillz before he steps foot on a College Campus. Compared to the Vandy signee of Mt. Pointe, I like Waddy a whole lot more. No knock on BK, who I thought finished last season like the SEC player he was made out to be, Waddy is a better basketball player.

I see Daniel Waddy having a breakout year, and finally getting the pub he deserves. A candidate for 5A "Player of the Year"!

Good luck "Wad", and you are $$$$$$$.

Coach T

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