We're Baaaaccckkkk!!!!!

The orginal publishers of 24-7Football.com are back and ready to give the best football coverage, bar none, in the state of Arizona.

The original publishers of 24-7Football.com are back!!!

Jeff, Jason, Mike and our full crew of reporters are back and ready to give our starving football fans the coverage they have been craving.

We would like to apologize to those who felt we let them down and want to try and win back all of our fans that we disappointed. We would also like to thank those who stuck by the site and kept it alive.

We promise to bring back all of the in depth coverage of the 24-7 of old. We will keep our game coverage current, covering as many games as possible. We are going to try and re-establish our relationship with Cox 7 and Rich Reid. We will still do our "Player Spotlights", "Friday Night Phenoms", team and player rankings. You will also see more features such as player video on the site, making this the place for college recruiters to see first hand the athletes we produce here.

While we were gone, 24-7 has started to spread across the Southwest. Jason was promoted by Scout as the Southwest Region's Football Recruiting Analyst. He covers all recruiting in Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico. Many of his "Hot News" are featured at the top of the site and get sent to many other college websites as well as Fox Sports. Jason now has some say in national player rankings, like star rankings and postion rankings on a national basis. He works closely with Allen Wallace and Jaime Newberg, Scout's top recruiting experts. This can only be a good thing to help get our kids exposure.

Jeff and Mike will also work in Colorado and New Mexico respectively, along with their vast knowledge of Arizona football. They both have been covering all sports in those two states for the past six months and now have a greater understanding of where Arizona players stack up against other states.

Most of our content will be the same as it always was. We are in fact obligated by Scout to have some premium material. We will keep most of the old stories like team rankings and game recaps for free. Stuff like video and hot news will be pay only. We cannot avoid this. 

Finally we would like to say thank you for all of your support over the years!!!

You can always contact us at:

Jason- jason@24-7football.com
Mike- mike247football@yahoo.com
Jeff- coloradoinsiders@msn.com or jeff@24-7football.com.

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