The Woody Report #8

For those of you coming over from AZCentral, you already know who I am. If not, well, I'm Woody, a follower of high school sports, particularly football. This is a feature I've agreed to do for Coach T, and while I can't promise it will be a weekly thing throughout the summer, I will say I will do my best to keep you (and myself) informed until the games begin. Now let's get with the program…


In its existence, the Southwest Region has never failed to put at least two teams in the playoffs, quite an accomplishment when you consider that only Westview is not considered "an inner-city school." For the past three years, those same Knights have been the bully of the region, losing just three region games during that span. Unfortunately, Westview has not won a playoff game since 1994, when they were a part of 4A's West Valley Region.

  1. TREVOR BROWNE BRUINS-After a two-year hiatus, the big, bad Bruins are back, led by grade-A running back Kamron Scroggins, a 185-pounder that gained nearly 1,4000 yards as a junior as well as 552 yards on only 18 catches. One of the guys he'll be running behind happens to be the biggest player in Phoenix, 6-7, 360-pound senior Justin McClaren; he's a throwback to the Bruin linemen of '99, who averaged nearly 300-pounds straight across. Cornerback Ralph Carrethers and linebacker Chris Florentin joined Scroggins on the all-Southwest squad.
  2. WESTVIEW KNIGHTS-After what they've done in region play since this region was started, how could you rank them any lower. Coach George Martinez has two college-sized ‘backers on the squad in Nick Crowe and Ron Tate, a pair of 6-2, 220-pounders. A receiver last year, Eddie Brown takes over at quarterback for the pass-happy Knights.
  3. CIBOLA RAIDERS-If not for a loss to Westview, Cibola would have gone into the playoffs undefeated and with home-field for at least the first round, a huge advantage for a team from Yuma. Instead, the Raiders went in at 9-1 and got ripped apart by Gilbert on the road 63-20. Cibola lost their money man in running back Mike Jones, but do return quarterback/linebacker Cody Peterson as well as both starters at defensive end (Jake Schroeder and Miguel Porchas). At 5-11, 305-pounds, senior Joe Rodriquez is the biggest Raider.
  4. ALHAMBRA LIONS-The man of the hour here is Rodney Overton, the latest in a long line of great Lion backs (i.e. the Canidate brothers). As a sophomore, the 5-10, 160-pound junior topped 1,2000 yards on the ground. All-region defensive back James Randall takes over at quarterback, and a strong junior class (including Overton) gives the Lions a foundation for next year.
  5. CENTRAL BOBCATS-Back in the day these guys were tough, winning a pair of state titles in the late sixties and early seventies. But since then, the going's been rough for the ‘Cats. There is hope however, with sophomore quarterback Chris Rodgers (6-3, 205) and a massive o-line (two 300-pounders) paving the way. In two-way end Tasi Chambers (6-2, 270), Central has one of the state's top recruits.
  6. CARL HAYDEN FALCONS-I hate to be blunt, but this program is a total farce, even for an inner-city program. In the past two seasons, the Falcons have won just one game, and it doesn't look any better this year. The numbers aren't there, and neither is the coaching. They once had some promise in the program, back when Stuart Goldstein was here and got them to the playoffs, but he was inexplicably fired.


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