Exclusive Interview with Everson Griffen

We caught up with Arizona's top prospect Everson Griffen. We ask questions like why USC, his thoughts on the All American game and his high school experience in general.

24-7football.com: Why USC?

Everson: Honestly I just felt the most comfortable with USC.  My visit made me feel like I was at home, it was great.  I really like all of the coaches and players there.  They made me feel welcome.  I like the way they are so intense all the time, before games, during games at practice.  I like the intensity of the program.


24-7football.com: Which coach recruited you?

Everson:  I was mainly recruited by coach Kiffen.  He's a great guy and was really cool with everything.  We used to talk about playing time and what USC had to offer me and where they thought I fit into the USC program.


24-7football.com: What was the best part of the whole recruiting process?

Everson: Getting a chance to talk with and get to know all the coaches you see on TV all the time.  To get to know most of them on a personal level is great.  Also, the fact that big time schools are interested in you and think your good enough to help them win.  It's kind of humbling.


24-7football.com: What was the worst part of the whole process?

Everson:  The phone calls and text messages that just never stop.  There are always people trying to call and talk with you.  It's also really hard to tell schools no thank you, that's probably the hardest part of it.


24-7football.com: How is the injured ankle?

Everson: My ankle is good it's a lot better than it was a few weeks ago.  I've been going to rehab about 3 times a week.  I'm probably at about 90% or so right now.


24-7football.com: What are you looking forward to with the All-American game?

Everson: I'm leaving for the game on the 31st of December.  I'm really looking forward to competing against the best players from across the nation.  It's a good measuring stick to see where I'm at as a player right now.  It's also a small taste of what college football will be like.


24-7football.com: What are your goals as far as playing early at USC?

Everson: I just want a chance to compete.  I'm going to head over to USC two weeks after I graduate (June 4th), to start working out with the team and learning as much stuff as I can.  I just want an opportunity on the field, than we'll go from there.


24-7football.com: What are you thinking about majoring in right now?

Everson:  Right now I'm not sure, but I'm thinking about something in either Business or maybe Communications.  But I'm still not sure.


24-7football.com: Tell us about your entire high school experience.

Everson:  We had a great season.  We went 12-1 and lost in the semifinals.  I'm really glad I had coach Epley.  Coach Epley was really hard on me when I was younger; he never let me cut any corners or make excuses for everything.  I understand now why he was like that with me.  To be honest my mom, my brother and Coach Epley are real important to me and I owe them so much.  I wouldn't be where I am at today without those three, I owe them a lot.


We are 24-7football.com want to wish Everson nothing but the best during his career at USC.   

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