Devon Evertson #3

Picture Evertson playing at Mesa, or Greenway or anywhere else other than Moon Valley. Would we all have these unfair expectations of him? How much has the Richard Jefferson factor contributed to his so-called fall from the top? In my opinion, remove the RJ factor, and Devon would be a top 100 player, Nationally!

Ranked #3

Devon Evertson. 6'6" SF. Moon Valley

Destined to be compared to former Moon Valley and UofA star Richard Jefferson. Devon would have been better off going to a no-name school, and remove the unfair and tremendous pressure brought on by trying to live up to the high expectations of all Arizona hoop fans (including myself).

Imagine Evertson coming up the ranks at a Mesa High, or even a Greenway Demon? None of the bad press, unrealistic expectations or the Maurice Shaw factor would have materialized! He just would have been a "big time" athlete, who has HUGE potential. No comparing Evertson to R.J., which would have enabled Devon to develop as a basketball player on his own, "the next coming" of Jefferson, a curse thrown on another innocent student-athlete.

So lets take a step back, and picture "Divine Devon" as the person, basketball player and high school student he is, and not what we EXPECT him to be.

#1. The dude can play, and all the comparisons, and failures we have thrown his way are totally unfair. It comes down to a "human nature" thang that we as fans, coaches and critics love to see people fail. In our eyes we are witnessing a player who has not reached his potential. Yet, Evertson has plugged away despite the public criticism and even the infamous "late night" outing at a recent Club tourney written up in the State newz paper.

#2. Removing these things, Devon Evertson would no doubt in my mind be a top 5 west coast recruit, and even top 100 in the USA. Yet I rank him #3, which is wrong, and Evertson will continue to be criticized by everyone around.

As a player, standing alone, he possesses the things you cannot teach. His athletic ability is unmatched in Arizona. He loves the game, and is a winner. He can shoot the 3, and elevate above anyone. Is he a polished player with few weaknesses? No way, but he has the foundation to be great. And a few "High Major" programs are taking a serious look, and from what I hear will offer soon. But the thing Devon needs to be careful of is finding a coaching staff who will care about him as a person, not a potential hoop star. Evertson needs nurturing as a player, and having a staff willing to wait is gonna be hard to find. If he can find a "family atmosphere" at the college or university he selects, Evertsons growth, as a player could be astronomical. And all of our unsolicited expectations of him being the next great Moon Valley grad playing in the show might just be fulfilled!

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