Vince Scott #2

The "Rodney Dangerfield of AZ prep hoops, Vince Scott will tell all of us to "stick it" with his development and success at the "Next Level" I don't even have a picture of this future "Monster on the Hardwood!" Sorry Vince, I am confident I'll see plenty in the the next 5-6 years!

Ranked #2

Vince Scott, 6'10" Post, Greenway High School

We all heard it, and said it at one time or another. As we played against or watched a 6'8", 6'9", 6'10" or taller baller as they struggled against smaller-quicker players. "If I only had his size", man I'd be scoring 30 a game"!

Well, not only is that comment a form of insecurity because it gives us a way out of our own weaknesses, it lets us fantasize about "what if". Vince Scott never has to do that. He will live it, I GUARANTEE IT!

Last March, as we watched Scott & co. get wacked by a smaller quicker Slope squad in the 4A Championship, VS struggled in the first half. The last 16 minutes he showed signs of dominance that will become more frequent as Scott continues to develop both physically and mentally. As the confidence grows, so will the ball prints on the face of his defender.

I love this kids game, and his future in College Basketball.

Will Scott land at a high profile program? Probably not. Should he? Damn straight he should, but he won't. What Scott's future holds is this:

He will continue to be underrecruited, and a low major program will land him, develop him, care about him, work with him daily, and the Coach who gets Vince, will go on and secure a million dollar contract at a high major program, because of Vince, and his remarkable improvement. Wins will flow, and every coaching staff in the country will look back at their summer 2002 programs and wonder, "who the hell is this kid?" Why didn't we recruit him?

Back in the early 80's a kid from Sacramento faced the same fate. University of San Diego "took a chance" on him, and he went on to become the WCC "Player of the Year". The kid, Scott Thompson, 6'10, under recruited, a mirror image of Vince Scott, dominated the WCC. And the WCC had numerous pros' come out of the league. The same success will land on Scott.

Scott has the head and basketball mentality, he has the size, and he has the hands, the soft touch around the basket, and wants to learn. Not to mention could reach 7'0" very soon. Most importantly, absolutely no pressure to live up to anything except Vince Scott.

I know you readers are thinking, how can you rate this kid #2 in the State, when he did not dominate, or even excel this past summer against the top comp in the U.S. of A. Here is why: Scott probably wont play his first college game for over 2 years. After his redshirt year, with hard work, could top 7 feet, and gain 50-75 pounds of muscle. THAT IS WHY. I know Vince wants it, he will get it. Wait and see, and as we see a few on my list of players drop out, have average careers, or even not play, Vince Scott could become the best player from AZ in the class of 2002.

The "Rodney Dangerfield" of Arizona Hoops, will earn his respect in due time!


Coach T

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