Gerad "Platinum" Punch #1

Arizona's #1 College Prospect! "Platinum" Punch will go on to have a stellar career at the mid-major level and along the way will continue to put the team first and personal stats second! The Brophy Bronco and his famed "lean" baseline J will continue to be his signatue, but Gerad has a bag of tricks not yet unleashed......

Ranked #1

Gerad "Platinum" Punch, 6'3". SW, Brophy High School


"Platinum" is the only way to describe Gerad. The 6'3" swing from Brophy, in my mind, is the top prospect in Arizona.

Athletic, the quickest first step, the knack to get the ball, his paten baseline lean to draw the foul. Punch has all the skill to develop into a great college player. His arsenal has much more than the mentioned. But what Gerad possesses is the mental toughness, discipline and work ethic needed to be that special student-athlete. No flash here, this dude is all meat & potatoes!

Personal stats are secondary, thus his numbers are not indicative of the talent he has and will unleash at the "Next Level". Gerad, playing for the Arizona Stars, had a "good" summer, but his true talent will thrive in a team system back with the Broncos, and on to "The Show". Punch reminds me of a former Arizona DI player, North High grad, Michael Scott (1985). But Scott lacked the offensive Punch (that was a good one) that "Platinum" has, and Scott went on and had a successful career at nationally ranked University of Tulsa. I expect Punch will land at a mid-major program that plays uptempo. A style that will allow Gerad to own the break and his scoring Punch (another good one) will rise! With the Broncos, he is not expected to carry the scoring load, but he can score with the best.

Soft spoken and polite, truly amazing in this day & age of the prima donna, Punch's game is a smaller version of former Tennessee and Knick Bernard King. With a solid group returning for the Broncos, Punch could be cutting down the net's come March, but chances are his name won't be in headlines.

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Good luck Gerad!

Coach T

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