Player Spotlight: Jimmy Goad

Q & A with WR Jimmy Goad from Deer Valley HS (Glendale, AZ). What were your stats/honors from last season?
Jimmy Goad: "51 catches, 703 yards, 6 TDs, first team all region and honorable mention all state 5A-2."
What is your official height and weight?
"6-3, 198 lbs."
What is your greatest football memory?
"Catching the game winning touchdown against Goldwater to get us into the playoffs this past season."

What are your goals for the upcoming season?
"To be the best, not only player, but teammate I can be.. and most of all to win state."

How are you preparing for the upcoming season? Will you attend any camps this summer?
"I have been lifting twice a day and running 3 times a week. I will be attending the air raid camp in Las Cruces New Mexico for New Mexico State, the UTEP combine, ASU combine and any others held in Arizona."

Who are some of your teammates that people need to watch out for?
"Alfred Bowden, Dante Sellers, Jamaunne Robertson"

Name one teammate you really respect and why?
"Alfred Bowden, he maintains the right attitude and has a great work ethic which I respect him for very much, also he plays corner for us and he makes me a better receiver by having great one on one battles in practice."

What are your goals regarding playing football in college?
"To establish myself within the program and become an impact player."

Who is currently recruiting you? Do you have any offers yet?
"New Mexico State, and no, I have currently not received any offers."

Would you consider staying in state to play in college?
"Yes, I would consider that highly, but I would also do the same for out of state."

What would your top 5 college choices be?
"New Mexico State, NAU, CU, UofA, Colorado State."

Who is the best player you ever played against? Why?
"Jordan Scott (North Canyon CB that signed with NAU), he gave me a true challenge from the corner spot and we had some intense head to head battles."

Name one opponent who you really respect and why?
"Also Jordan Scott, he has great sportsmanship and shows a great character on the field."

What other sports do you play?
"Basketball and baseball."

What are your best max lifts in the bench, squat, power clean and 40 yard dash?
"Bench- 275, squat- 345, powerclean- 260 and forty-4.7."

How do you think your coach would describe you as a player?
"A playmaker and easily coached."

What are your strengths and weaknesses as a player?
"Strengths-when a play needs to be made I believe I can make it, I'm very confident in my abilities. Weaknesses-I tend to dwell on past plays if I made a mistake."

Who is your favorite athlete and why?
"Larry Fitzgerald, in my eyes he is the perfect role model, he carrys himself very well on and mainly off the field."

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?
"From my coach, 'Theres always someone watching."

Tell us what can we expect from your team this season?
"The best Deer Valley team anyone has ever seen, we maintain great playmakers on both sides of the ball and most of all a state championship."

What can a college program expect from you as a player?
"The right attitude rather I play right away or not and willing to do whatever it takes. Also when the opportunity is given I won't disappiont."

What is your GPA and SAT/ACT score?
"GPA-3.0. I haven't taken the SAT/ACT yet but I will be in May."

What will the main factors be when you choose a school?
"Education and the program's desire to win." would like to thank Jimmy for his time and wish him luck training for the season. Anyone wishing to contact Jimmy or recommend a player for an interview may email

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