Arizona Represented Well in California

Arizona had 24 players in Cali this weekend to show their stuff, they did not disappoint. hosted two combines this weekend in California, one in San Francisco on Saturday and one in LA on Sunday. Arizona high school was represented extremely well. Here is a roster of who attended:

San Fran

QB Sean Renfree- Notre Dame Prep
CB Quinn Evans- Basha


RB Jamal Womble- Buena
RB Luckas Scott- Mesquite
OL/DL Derek Bisgard- Saguaro
WR/DB- Jake Muasau- Buena
DT Zeb Togiai- Desert Vista
QB Scott Burgett- Centennial
LB David Blair- McClintock
QB Troy Graham- Basha
LB Kurt Mangum- Basha
RB Jarison Johnson- Red Mountain
OL John Fontes- Basha
OL Cody Watts- Camelback
OL Stephen Sabin- Basha
WR Mike Cummings- Chaparral
OL/DL Chris Merrill- Saguaro
RB Covaughn Deboskie- Hamilton
OL Guy Reynolds- Westview
RB/DB Deveron Carr- Chaparral
QB Blake Schembri- Chaparral
RB Mike Liggins- Camelback
RB Kaylin Ashley- Camelback
OL Zach Schlink- Centennial

I was not in attendence in San Fran. From all reports, Quinn and Sean were among the top not only at their position but at the entire event. Quinn was said to be the most impressive DB there. He ran a 4.41 forty and looked impressive in the 1 on 1's. Evans has recently transferred to Basha from Hamilton and I am anxious to see some film on him.

Renfree was one of the top QBs there. The only QB that was said to be more impressive was Ebahan Feathers, who was named combine MVP. Sean ran a 4.50 hand timed 40 and looked sharp in the passing drills.

I flew in to LA to watch this combine as it was said to be the most talented combine that has ever put on and it lived up to the bill. The exciting thing is that the players from Arizona showed that they can play with anybody in the country. We had a lot to live up to, as AZ sent fewer players last year but Everson Griffen, Kris O'Dowd and William Yancy were stars. With 22 players there this year I was expecting some more quality performances and my boys did not disappoint.

Covaughn Deboskie showed up to battle Darrell Scott for the top RB spot in the west. Both ran fast, Covaughn a 4.38 (hand timed) and Scott a 4.32. Unfortunately, Scott left after that and did not participate in the individual drills. Deboskie stayed and put in work at both WR and RB and was impressive at both.

Our two players from Tucson, Jamal Womble and Jake Muasau from Buena both represented Southern Arizona well. Womble ran a 4.5 forty and a 4.25 pro agility. I did not get Jake's forty time but he ran a very good time of 4.31 in the pro agility. They both looked good in the 1 on 1's.

Kurt Mangum might have just made a name for himself after this performance. He looks good after dropping 19 pounds in order to move to LB from DE. He ran a 4.59 forty and must have taken the most reps out of an LB at the combine. He was anxious to jump into drills and take on any back. He did not look out of place, in fact, coaches that were running the drill say he may have been the top LB at the combine. He is definitely a player that I will look forward to watching with the pads on to get a better feel for him as a player. I liked his motor last year as a DE at Hamilton but would like to see him play a game or two at LB to see how he takes to it. I imagine that is what college coaches are waiting for as well.

David Blair ran a 4.6 forty and I thought he weighed about 200 pounds but was surprised to hear that he weighed 219 at Sunday's event.

Mike Cummings ran a fast 4.31 pro agility. I didn't get to watch him much in the 1 on 1's but what I did see was he showed the ability to get open and caught just about everything thrown his way. He also looks to have a frame that could hold more weight without losing speed. Another impressive feat was his over 10 foot broad jump.

I spent a ton of time down watching the hogs on the O and D line as that is what I played in college and enjoy watching. There were a lot of players jockeying for reps in the trenches and some guys didn't get to do as many reps. Zach Schlink did take a ton and performed pretty well. He struggled a bit on the left side but his move to right tackle helped show why he has 11 offers to his name. Zach is up to 300 pounds and was still able to run a 5.3 forty. Schlink fit in with the top OLs there, while Matt Kalil from Servite HS in Cali was the top player down there.

Both of the players from Saguaro performed well. They looked good in their chances in 1 on 1's and did well in combine testing. They played DL in 1 on 1's but I would have liked to see them both get some reps at guard.

Deveron Carr might have made a name for himself at the combine as well. A bit of an unknown, Carr played at Cesar Chavez last year and only played in two games. On just 26 carries he rushed for over 260 yards. He has transferred to Chaparral and will get PT at corner and runningback. He ran a sub 4.4 forty on Sunday.

Zeb Togiai was willing to jump in and go against any player there. He tested the waters against Kalil and although he didn't win, I liked his eagerness. He holds an early offer from Arizona and he has a frame to hold a ton more weight. Dedication to the weight room will be key for him. He could be a sleeper. His transfer to Desert Vista allows him to move to DT and play along side top junior DE Devon Kennard.

There were a lot of QBs in attendence but I did not make it down to watch them. I do know that Scott Burgett ran a 4.68 forty and Troy Graham ran a 4.9. Blake Schembri had one of the fastest pro agility times, running in the 4.1-4.2 range.

I apologize to those I missed at the combine or in this story, there was a lot going on that day. I encourage any player, parent or coach to email me with their results. The official ones will be posted online in the next few days as well as the camp MVP. Good job guys!!

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