Could this be 2014's Top Prospect?

Kaelin Deboskie of the Mesa Kings (Mesa, AZ) makes strong case for top player in class of 2014.

Name: Kaelin Deboskie
Position: Quarterback
Number: 7
School: Basha Elementary
Team: Mesa Kings.
Other experience: Tucson Falcons (99-03), Chandler Tornados (04-05)
Age: Class of 2014
By the Numbers
Height: 5-2
Weight: 95 pounds
Forty: 5.2 electric
Pro Agility: 4.99
Bench: 15 reps of 75 pounds
Vertical: 34 inches
GPA: 3.7
Stats: Completed 18 of 32 passes for 314 yards and 3 TDs. Rushed
for 2,142 yards
and 26 TDs on 197 carries.
More on Deboskie
* Currently lists UCLA, Arizona State, Arizona and Florida as his schools 
of interest.
* Averages 22.3 points per game for the Basha Elementary basketball
* Plays Majors baseball for the Reds and leads the league in stolen
Deboskie: "I compare myself to Michael Vick, people call me Lil Vick and 
I hope to one day meet and workout with him so I can learn more of his
moves. But I also like Reggie Bush and Donovan McNabb."
Mesa Kings head coach and Arizona Cardinals d-linemen Kenny King: 
"I've never in my life seen a kid as coachable and talented as Kaelin.
Kaelin is the next generation, a one of a kid, before his time. He will
definitely be a factor at the collegiate and professional level."'s Southwest Recruiting Analyst Jason Jewell: "I have 
never seen an 11 year old as talented as Deboskie. He is the real
deal. He is a defensive coordinator's worst nightmare; he is a threat
on the ground or through the air."
Strengths: Reading defenses, vision, versatility, shiftiness, explosiveness, 
break away speed, arm strength, accuracy.
Weaknesses: Size.
Breakdown: Deboskie is a dual threat QB. He has the ability to burn 
a team on the ground or through the air. He has all of the makings of
Arizona's top player in the class of 2014.
Here are clips of Lil Vick in action:

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