Mangum Transfer Schools

LB Kurt Mangum gives the truth as to why he has transferred to Chandler HS (Chandler, AZ).

Attending four high schools in two years is tough on any student but LB Kurt Mangum is up to the task.


I reported last week that Mangum was going to transfer from Basha High School in Chandler, Arizona to Chandler High. I was able to chat with Kurt about the transfer and get more specifics on the reasons.


The transfer was more or less a necessity because it was possible that Mangum would be ruled ineligible to play next year by the Arizona Interscholastic Association (AIA). The Mangum's moved to Arizona last year from Michigan. He moved into the Basha High School boundaries but never attended the school. He signed open enrollment paperwork to attend nearby Hamilton. His family was living in a rental home provided by Kurt's father's work until they found a home of their own. The Mangum's ended up buying a home very near Basha and decided that Kurt would play for the Bears his senior year. There were no hard feelings between Mangum or Hamilton.


AIA rules state that a player may not attend one high school, transfer to another and then transfer back to play sports. Mangum technically did not do this as he never enrolled at Basha initially. The AIA set a hearing for August to decide his fate for the upcoming football season as this was seen as a gray area. Instead of waiting for the hearing and risk being ruled ineligible, Mangum and his family decided to enroll at Chandler High School. There were no hard feelings between Mangum and Basha. In fact, Basha head coach Tim McBurney recommended that Kurt play at Chandler.


Mangum says, "Coach McBurney recommended Chandler to me saying it was my best option."


He was asked how the Basha players responded to the news, he adds, "Most understand. They realize it was out of my control. Most were supportive and wish me luck."


He was asked to expand on his relationship with Basha, he says, "I had lunch with Coach McBurney and some of the Basha players after the ASU camp (last Sunday)."


Some people may accuse Mangum of shopping schools but I don't believe this to be true. All three high schools are just a few miles apart and all three are regular stops for division-one coaches. It would not really benefit him in any way. In fact Kurt's father tells that, "What parent wants to send his son to three high schools in two years?"


So now that Mangum has officially enrolled at Chandler, I asked him to describe how the players are treating him. He says, "The players welcomed me with open arms. I already knew some of the guys. It has been a great transition so far and things seem to be playing out well. I have not had any problems. We had our first seven on seven at ASU, I am playing STUD (strong) backer." Magnum is currently attending the full contact camp at Cal and could not attend passing league this weekend at the University of Arizona and that was fine with the players and coaches.

He was also asked for his first impression of Chandler head coach Jim Ewan, he says, "He is a great guy. He is funny. He pushes for the best out of you."


Recruiting news for Mangum


He is currently attending camp at Cal and hopes to draw an offer. He also says that Colorado State has been talking to him and would like to review his tape.


Mangum has been a standout at every camp or combine he has been to this summer. He believes that most schools are waiting to see how he performs at linebacker this year before they offer. He played defensive end last year for Hamilton.

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