Men in the Trenches Camp

A group of players and coaches gathered at Peoria High School for four days of padded competition. Read all about the Men in the Trenches Camp here...

Modeled after the popular "Down and Dirty" linemen camp in Florida, the Men in the Trenches camps that take place every summer in Arizona give offensive and defensive linemen a chance to get quality instruction that can take their game to the next level. Run by former college offensive line coach Lee Rodgers and a staff of quality high school coaches from around the valley, the camp offers four days of padded instruction like no other camp that takes place in Arizona.

The first of two camps that will take place this summer, this one was held at Peoria High School. I was there all four days to observe and take notes, evaluate players and maybe find that sleeper prospect that no one is talking about. Although the camp had a smaller attendance then in the years past, that only meant for more reps for the campers and a chance to improve.

Here is a list of players that attended:

Jeff Albani- Peoria HS
Ernie Bailey- Peoria HS
Matt Baxter- Desert Edge HS
Sean Collins- Independence HS
Osbaldo Corn- Desert Edge HS
Ryan Del Rio- Peoria HS
Jarrett Dunbar- Peoria HS
Milo Gardner- Desert Edge HS
Eric Hoser- Salome HS
Fletcher Hunt- Ironwood HS
Abdul Jabbar- Peoria HS
Brett Johnson- Salome HS
Billy Laing- Desert Edge HS
Daniel Mora- Desert Edge HS
Travis Muller- Desert Edge
Alex Paddock-Joseph City HS
Cullin Powers- Ironwood HS
Chris Salamasina- Moon Valley HS
Michael Shaver- Peoria HS
Anthony Shaw- Peoria HS
Jason Sluyter- Peoria HS
Zack Warner- Joseph City HS
Karl Weisser- Salome HS
Rashad Yarbrough- Peoria HS

The top two seniors in attendance were Anthony Shaw from Peoria and Travis Muller from Desert Edge. Shaw is a big kid at 6-4 275 pounds. He has the size to play at the next level. He is still raw technically but has the frame that college coaches look for. Muller is a bit smaller at 6-3 260. He says a few D1 schools have stopped by Desert Edge to watch some film. He plays left tackle for DE but I think he is more suited to play guard at the next level. He plays with a good base and uses good hand placement. He will have to gain some weight to stand up to the rigors of division-one football.

The top two juniors in camp were Fletcher Hunt from Ironwood and Matt Baxter from Desert Edge. Thses two are very similar players. They both will get after you and I expect them to make names for themselves this season. They each stand about 6-3 210 and will need to gain weight over the next two years to have a chance to play in college. They both have a good motor and I expect good things from them as long as they keep working hard.

There will be another camp at Dobson HS later this month. I will get all of the details out to you guys as soon as I get them. One more note, the offensive line coach from Glendale Community College was at the Peoria camp and Coach Rodgers tells me that he is going to ask coaches from Phoenix, Scottsdale and Mesa to attend the camp at Dobson. So there is the potential to be seen by college coaches at the camps.

If you want more info on the Men in the Trenches camp go to:

Here are some photos we took at the camp:

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