Men in the Trenches: Dobson

A group of players and coaches gathered at Dobson High School for four days of padded competition. Read all about the Men in the Trenches Camp here...

From June 26th to the 29th, I spent the better part of my evenings out at Dobson High School to watch this summer's second Men in the Trenches Linemen Camp. Again coached by former division-one coach Lee Rogers and a group of very talented and experienced coaches, these kids received some top notch instruction that will help them become forces on Friday nights. I was asked to come out and evaluate talent at this camp and the one last month at Peoria HS. This camp had about 3-4 times the turnout and I had my work cut out for me. Some of the kids that caught my eye were Rusty Fernando from AJ, Jake Henderson from Seton Catholic, Kyle Henson from Dobson, Robert Mahoe from McClintock, Cy Maughmer from AJ, Seth Peta from Red Mountain, Brandon Robbins from AJ and Jonathan Smith from Florence.


Fernando is going to be a junior and the AJ coaches tell me he will play o-tackle and d-end for them. I was also told he is a good wrestler. He stands about 6-2 210 and looks rather thin at this point but he has a frame to put on another 40-50 pounds. I liked his tenacity, he never gives up and plays very hard.


Henderson is a big intriguing prospect. He is about 6-4 250 and has a frame to add more weight easily. He spent part of last year on the sidelines with a shoulder injury, so he is raw and needs some work fundamentally. The move up to 4A2 should show how he plays against better competition. I will keep my eye on him.


Kyle Henson from Dobson impressed me with his motor. He plays very hard and I found out the reason, he is an all state wrestler. He placed in the 189 class last year at the 5A1 meet. Too small to be a lineman at the next level but I was impressed with his play.


Mahoe is a GIANT! He is a big run stuffing DT that will be responsible for keeping OLs off of LB David Blair. He is probably 6-2 330 and could drop a few pounds but the kid is more mobile then you would think. He also has a good motor. In one drill, he fought through a group of OLs just to have his helmet slip and bust him in the nose and bloody him up, Mahoe never stopped. He will be tough to move on Friday nights.


I was told by the coaches that Cy Maughmer from AJ was the best underclassman lineman at the camp. He is big and will be a 10th grader. He could be one to watch over the next three seasons.


I looked at Seth Peta and couldn't remember him from last year as most attention typically went towards giants Kellen Farr and Bryan Wightman. Those guys were 6-7 260 and 6-5 310 respectively and it is funny that a guy 6-3 255 is dwarfed by these guys. Peta told me that a few Mountain West Schools were showing some interest. He still has some room to grow and some work to do fundamentally but if he continues to grow could turn out to be a sleeper prospect.


Robbins will be a junior TE for AJ. Kid is solidly built and has some thick legs and calves. He is probably 6-2 240. The coaches say he has the best hands on the team. He runs in the 5.0 range in the forty and will have to improve that if he wants to play TE at the next level. If not a move to guard could be in store.


Smith is in the same boat as Henderson. He was the tallest kid out there and has a frame. He will have to put on some weight and hit the weights hard. He too is still raw and needs some work but he has the uncoachable frame. He may turn out to be a JUCO kid that after developing over two more years could be a solid prospect.


Louie Crespo from AJ was also out there but he did not participate because of an injury. He stands about 6-2 270 and was an all region pick last year. He is also a 50 foot shotputter. I really would have liked to see him more. The coaches told me a few schools made it out to AJ to look at him this spring.


I am sorry if I missed some kids, there were a lot of them out there. Here is a roster of the players that attended the camp. Also go check out the camp's website:


I would like to thank the coaches for having me out and congratulate the players for their hard work. I look forward to watching you guys this year.



Jorge            Bahena           9          Powell

Cody             Bailey             9          Apache Junction

Raul              Betran            9          Powell

Marcelo         Blancett         11         Highland

Nicholas        Bright             12         McClintock

Carlos           Carpio            9          Powell

Sean             Castle            9          Powell

Christopher    Celaya           10         Florence

Thomas         Coggins          12         Dobson

Charles          Cooley           11         Dobson

Jason            Cota              10         Corona

Jime              Crdeau           9          Apache Junction

Isreal            DeSantiago     12         Apache Junction

Nick              Dixon             11         McClintock

Alex              Ennis             10         Dobson

Brian             Espinoza         11         Florence

Martin           Fahey            10         Apache Junction

Nate             Fitch              12         Highland

Rusty            Fernando        11         Apache Junction

Sabas           Garcia            9          Florence

Carlos           Garduno         12         Mesquite

PJ                Gonzales         11         Apache Junction

Jake             Henderson      12         Seton Catholic

Kyle              Henson           12         Dobson

Alejandro       Herrera           10         Florence

Nathan          Horgash          12         Dobson

Sean             Hornbeck        9          Desert Vista

Patrick          Hughs            9          Apache Junction

Stephen        Hughs            10         Apache Junction

Chris             Karp              10         Corona

Zach             Kerwin            12         Dobson

David            Kraus             11         Desert Vista

James           Lake              12         Dobson

Andrew         LeBaron          11         Highland

Robert           Mahoe            12         McClintock

Ivan             Makiyama       12         Highland

Josh             Martell           9          Florence

Cy                Maughmer       10         Apache Junction

Edward          Mayora           12         Apache Junction

Donovan        McDaniel         11         Coronado

Matthew        McMahon        10         Apache Junction

Dillon            Meason          11         Apache Junction

Ben              Miller              10         Dobson

Clayton         Monks            10         Florence

Anthony        Montanez       10         Florence

Max              Montt            11         Nogales

Jaime            Nava              9          Powell

Samuel          Neitzelt          11         Apache Junction

David            Neitzeot         12         Apache Junction

Michael         Nguyen          9          Powell

Dwane          Norman          10         Apache Junction

Derek            O'Neill            11         Dobson

Spencer        Olsen             10         Highland

Saul              Orduno           9          Powell

Enrique          Ortega           12         McClintock

Jake             Pacyne           9          Apache Junction

Jonathan       Perez             11         Florence

Justin            Perry             9          Desert Vista

Seth             Peta              12         Red Mountain

Luke             Plzak              11         Highland

Tyler             Post              10         Dobson

Chase           Prosser           12         Apache Junction

Colton           Rahav            12         Chaparral

Vicente         Richey            9          Florence

Brandon         Robbins          11         Apache Junction

Daniel           Robles            11         McClintock

Max              Royse            9          Powell

Shane           Smith             10         Apache Junction

Eriic              Smith             10         Corona

Jonathan       Smith             12         Florence

Paul              Snyder           12         Sedona Red Rock

Alex              Starr              9          Apache Junction

Mikey            Sullivan          11         Desert Vista

Taniela          Tauveli           11         Highland

Mickey          Tryon             12         Florence

Jeff              Trzepkowski    9          Desert Vista

Sefita           Vaki               11         Highland

Manuel          Valdez            9          Powell

Chance         Van Soest       9          Apache Junction

Rudy             Vasquez         10         Desert Vista

Jesus            Velasquez       9          Powell

Ramos           Vicente          9          Powell

Davis            Voss              11         Valley Christian

Stephen        Walker           10         McClintock

Jeff              Wilhalme         10         Highland

Cody             Williams          9          Florence

Andrew         Zambrano       10         McClintock

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