Brophy v. Hamilton

These two teams have won the last two state titles and they met on Thursday night to see who was the early favorite in 5A.

Brophy v. Hamilton 8-30-2007


I decided to stay at home and watch this game from the couch instead of making it out to Phoenix College to watch this one. Here is my stream of thoughts as the game rolled on:


1st Quarter


- Brophy got the ball first and started moving the ball. QB Bryan Berens hit TE Billy Sanders and WR Nick Nudo for nice gains on the first two plays.


- Two penalties and a sack by DL Justin Artis (4th of the year) killed the drive.


- Hamilton got the ball at the 32 and went two the option attack early, Gerell Robinson pitched to Covaughn deboskie for a 26 yard gain.


- Another option, kept by G-Rob for a 1st down


- Yet another run by Robinson, this one a 30 yard TD. Hamilton goes for a fake PAT and it is no good. Score 6-0 Hamilton with 5:02 left in the 1st.


- Brophy has the ball but I am really impressed with the Hamilton LBs. Zach Moore, Elliott Harper and junior Anthony Jones can really play. I think Jones is a D1 kid and I think this LB corp may be the best in the state.


- Berens hits RB Bobby Rodrigues on a dump to get a first down. Berens is a heady player. That is one of his strengths. He has great intangibles.


- Deboskie fumble, Brophy recover.


- Hamilton's defense is playing well. They are putting a lot of pressure on Berens and stuffing Ray Polk. LB Zach Moore sacks Berens.


- Hamilton WR Drew Terrell took a punt to the house. Called back for illegal block in the back. This kid can play too. It seems like Hamilton has a good punt returner every year. Mekell Wesley, Kerry Taylor and now Terrell.


- Little Nathan Jeffrey is quick out of the backfield. Explosive. He goes for 12 yards. Error by commentators. They said Jeffries and Deboskie went 1-2 in the 5A 100 meters.


- End of 1- Hamilton up 6-0


-Brophy D has stepped up and forced a punt.


- Brophy has a scoring chance, ball inside the 50.


- Berens has thrown three straight incompletions and Polk gets stuffed by Harper and Jones.


- Berens hits Sanders for his second catch. They end up punting.  


- Justin Peters is now in at QB for Hamilton but they start the series with two runs by Deboskie. He has very good explosion and will run between the tackles.


- Anthony Hooks is on Robinson.


- Deboskie gets 1st down and Jeffries goes for another 15 yards.


- Defensive holding on Drew Maggi, Brophy safety, gives first down.


- Peters hits Robinson for a good gain. Robinson is so much bigger than most corners he can just out leap them and reach over them.


- Jeffries gets it to the 1 and Deboskie punches it in. PAT is good. 13-0 Hamilton. 1:34 in half.


- Berens starts moving the ball, he hits Ryan Suniga three times in a row for 40 yards. Sack by Hamilton DL Ruben Rubio. He has made several nice plays tonight. Berens hits Zuniga on 4th down for a 1st. Berens takes a shot to the ribs by Jones and Artis and comes out of the game.


- Drew Maggi in at QB and throws a pick on the 1st play.


- Halftime 13-0 Hamilton. Hamilton's defense is playing great! They held Brophy to 37 yards of offense and -7 yards rushing. The Huskies were able to run it very effectively, they ran for 171 in the first half.


- They did a tribute to the Brophy/Hamilton 2005 title game. Interviewed Mike Callahan and Gerald Munns. I think Munns said "You know" 40 or 50 times in the interview.


Announcers talking about the growing number of D1 kids in AZ. Made an error, said Tramell McGill was at Colorado State. Last I heard he was at GCC then transferred back to Arizona Western. I also heard he was helicoptered out of Yuma with an injury, anyone hear that as well?


- Start of 3rd quarter- Hamilton ball.


- First play Deboskie goes for 27 but leaves with cramps it looks like.


- Robinson hits TE Tim Fowler for a 50 yard gain and puts them inside the 5.


- Brophy D steps up. Junior DE Trent Murphy beats Patrick Jamison and stops Robinson in the backfield.


- Good pass defense by Brophy. No where to throw it. G-Rob stopped by Brett Gonzalez.


- Hamilton kicks a FG. Up 16-0 with 8:03 left in the 3rd.


- Berens is okay.


- Polk gets his best run and goes for 12.


- Berens hits Maggi and Polk gets another big gain. They are starting to move now.


- Berens hits Maggi and he gets inside the 5. Oops. A penalty negates the big play.


- Berens finds Maggi again for a 1st. Big gains by Polk and another throw to Zuniga has them moving. Berens screen to Polk. Polk flipped and lands at the 1. Punched in by Polk. 2-point no good. 16-6 Brophy 2:20 to go in 3rd.


- Second play Robinson fumbles. Was carrying the ball like a loaf of bread. Recovered by #48 Matt Padilla. Man he has made plays all over the field. He is a good one.


- Brophy gives it right back. Polk fumbles and that ends the 3rd.


- Teams exchange punts.


- Peters back in at QB and Robinson at WR. PI penalties on Maggi keep the chains moving.


- Peters hits Robinson on a slant after pump faking. This kid can play wideout for all the people that doubted him earlier. Score 22-6 Hamilton.


- Soph CB Devon Carrington picks off Berens and takes it to the house. PAT good. Score 29-6 Hamilton. 3:39 to play.


- Brophy doesn't give up and goes to the air. Artis gets his 2nd sack and Rubio gets his third.


Final 29-6 Hamilton




Hamilton's defense was very good. They held Polk in check and pressured Berens all night. Their offense is loaded. They can do so many things it is ridiculous.


Brophy is good. They just weren't consistent and penalties hurt them. They will be tough all year.


Game Balls


As well as the LBs for Hamilton played, as good as Robinson and Deboskie were, I am giving my game ball to DL Ruben Rubio. Kid was all over the field and made a bunch of big plays. He had three sacks and several TFLs.


Brophy- I liked what LB Matt Padilla did. He played very well and made a ton of plays. He will be al region.

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