Hamilton comes back and beats Centennial

Hamilton went down 18 points but the Huskies found a way to win.

Instead of doing a normal game recap, I will give you guys a stream of my thoughts as the game went on.


I am excited for this game. This has to be one of the most anticipated ames over the past two years. I decided to watch this one from the coach and go out to Mesa/Chandler tomorrow.

Kevin Ray is a very good announcer IMO


Centennial ball, John Hughes takes it to 46. Hughes gets opening play and goes 7 yards. QB Scott Burgett to Hughes again on 3rd down for a 1st. Good for 15 yards plus a facemask gets them in scoring position.

Schlink is HUGE!!! He looks like a college OL now.

Burgett to Hawley for 8 yards followed by Burgett TD to Adam Shipley in traffic. Nice grab.

PAT blocked by Zach Moore. Score 6-0. Burgett had all day to throw. Moore is a playmaker, I liked him last week against Brophy.

Robinson on option fumbles on first play. Carrying the ball like a loaf of bread. I noticed that last week. Centennial recovers. DT Kendrick McBride got penetration and forced fumble, recovered by DE Josh Bell inside 15.

Terrible series for Cent. Two penalties, incomplete pass, draw by Burgett on 3rd and they went for it on 4th. No where to throw, Burgett scrambles and stopped. Huge stop by Hamilton D.

Hamilton off to slwo start. Centennial d-line getting in backfield and shutting option attack. Forced punt.

Jarrell Barbour takes it up right side 74 yards to the house, he is the best player on the field at this point. Score 12-0. Moore blocked PAT again.

Hamilton sticking with option. Getting shut down still. McBride getting huge pressure. LB Jordan Rooks and Jarrell Barbour with nice plays. Barbour had TFL. Good defensive stand and forced punt. Short punt. Didn't kick to Barbour. Ball at 50.

Some nicw runs by Jeff and John Hughes. John reminds me a little of Timmy House.

Burgett 25 yard run inside 5 yard line. Burgett has better speed then most might think. He holds that Air Force offer but I think will get more.

End of 1st. 12-0 Centennial. The Coyotes have dominating despite their penalties. They have shut down Hamilton's offense and put their D in some tight spots.

Very early in the quarter, Barbour beats corner on fade route for a TD. Two-point conversion no good. Cenentennial up 18-0. Has Hamilton ever been down this much? Do they know how to come from behind and win?

Peters in at QB for first time. Penalties killed this drive.

Hamilton forces a three and out and has started to shwo some life.

Belles gets Covuaghn Deboskie involved. Has two nice back to back runs for a 1st down. Why is the announcer saying his name wrong? De-bow-ski?

Peters hits Gerell Robinson deep. Ballw as undethrown and G-Rob makes nice adjustment. Ball inside 5.

Deboskie TD on next play makes scpre 18-7 after PAT with 3:04 to play in half.

Centennial comes out and fumbles the ball away on a reverse and gives Hamilton great field position. Peters in at QB but announcer keeps calling him Peterson.

19 yard TD by Nathan Jefferies on a pitch to the left. Nice juke and nice block by G-Rob to set up score. PAT good. Score 18-14.

Short kick and Barbour couldn't field it. Hamilton recovers. HUGE play in the game. Under one minute in half.

Peterson hits Drew Terrell for 20 yards and gets teh Huskies inside the 5. Deboskie walks in untouched from the right. Nice block by Patrick Jamison. PAT good. 21-18 Hamilton.

Barbour returns the ball to the 50.

Burgett hits Adam Shipley and Shipley makes some people miss and gets the ball inside the 5 with less than 10 seconds in the half.

Barbour scores on another fade but gets called for offensive pass interference and score called back.

End of half. 21-18 Hamilton. Hamilton caught some breaks and came back in a hurry.

Hamilton ball. Barbour made a nice tackle on the kickoff. He can play anywhere and he plays his butt off.

Peters in at QB. barbour on G-Rob.

Peters hooks up with TE Tim Fowler for two catches. The 2nd was for 35 yards but the Centennial D steps up and forces a punt.

Burgett throws pick to Rueben Robinson who is playing free safety. Burgett was 6/12 for 101 yards and 2 TDs up to that point.

Hamilton is using Jeffries a lot on this drive. He goes up the gut behind Kyland Resor. This kid would be D1 if he had 4 more inches. He is nasty and has good technique.

Jef Hughes covering G-Rob and comes up with interception with Hamilton in scoring position.

Centennial marching after 30 yard gain by Hughes but Burgett throws second pick to Justin Rosales.

End of 3. Hamilton up 21-18.

Cent forces punt and gets good field position off bad punt. Near the 50 yard line.

Jeff Hughes 20 yards on two carries and Burgett finds Zack Hawley for 15 yards to get in red-zone.

Hamilton LB Anthony Jones picks Burgett for 3rd time to thwart drive.

Hamilton just pounding the ball with Deboskie and Jeffries. Covaughn has 17 carries for 87 yards and 2 TDs at this point while Nathan has 10 carries for 80 yards.

Deboskie goes off right side for 3rd score. Hamilton up 28-18.

Another pouch kick recovered by Hamilton!!!

Peters hits Robinson for a 40 yard score. Hamilton up 35-18.

Hamilton runs out most of clock and Centennial gets close to scoring again but doesn't.

Final Hamilton 35  Centennial 18


Centennial played well early but looked like they got tired. They have some key guys going both ways but it was penalties and turnovers that killed them. Hamilton showed that they could come back and win. Scoring 35 unanswered points is impressive and so is 390 yards of offense.


Hamilton- LB Zack Moore for his 2 blocked PATs. He also had some nice tackles for a loss and was disruptive all night.

Deboskie for his 3 three TDs.

Centennial- Jarrell Barbour was good in all three facets of the game. Played well at WR. Had nice some nice tackles and PBUs on D and returned a punt and had some special teams tackles.


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