Tempe v. McClintock

Old rivals Tempe and McClintock faced off in a defensive battle Thursday on Cox 7.

I just wanted to do a random stream of thoughts from the game.




I think most people are expecting this to get ugly but Johnny Rodriguez is a good coach. He has a tough road ahead of him at Tempe to turn things around though. McClintock is rally missing Mack Martin and is power running right now.


1st quarter


- McClintock ball. Returned to 40.


- 3rd play- 28 yard pass QB Kelly Kurzman to WR Malcolm Martin.


- I noticed that David Blair not playing fullback. He impressed me last year as a tough runner and an even better blocker. Rumor is that he has been nursing a hamstring injury since this summer.


- McClintock going for it on 4th and 5- complete to Martin.


- I am pleasantly surprised with Tempe's d-line. They are actually pretty decently sized and they play hard. DE Bernis Berber is 6-4 215, DT Brandon George is 6-3 265 and DT Donald Horvath is 5-11 270.


- McClintock fumble. Tempe recovers.


- Tempe throws the heck out of the ball. They play a lot of 4 wide receiver sets.


- Tempe QB Pedroo Rubio hits Antonio Rodriguez. A 15 yard personal foul gives Tempe the ball at 45.


- Sack by sophomore DE Hayden Tippett of McClintock.


- Man McClintock's has two HUGE DTs! Robert Mahoe goes 6-0 320 and Taylor Fleming is 6-2 305.


- Tempe can't muster much offense. A couple of sort runs and sack gives them 4th down Tempe and a punt. Malcolm Martin returns the ball to the 25.


2:45 left in 1st. Score 0-0


- Tough run by McClintock's Cody Hughes but flag on next play negates the gain. 2nd and 9.


- Big sack Tempe LB Billy Hammel. 3rd and long.


- Kurzman to TE Jared Ringer for 1st down. Ringer's 2nd catch is food for 31 yards.


- Screen pass to Martin. Big gain, takes it to 10 yard line + facemask. This kid can play!


End of 1. 0-0. McClintock inside 10.


1st quarter thoughts


- I like how both teams have mixed things up and came out with some different stuff. Martin has been the best player thus far.


- Touchdown McClintock. Kurzman to Ringer off of play action pass. 1st play of 2nd quarter. PAT good 7-0 McClintock


- Tempe ball at 25.


- two TFLs by David Blair. He is all over the field.


- Incomplete pass on 3rd down, punt on 4th.


Random thought- McClintock has much more size and depth. Tempe is playing a lot of their guys both ways.


- McClintock ball at 45.


- Kurzman is 6 of 8 for 120 yards and TD so far.


- Jinxed him. INT Antonio Rodriguez. Tempe ball at 35.


- Rubio - Berber 6 yard gain


- Tempe squanders the opportunity, punts the ball away.


- McClintock ball at 30.


- No gain on run by Ty Roberts. Neither team has shown any ability to run the ball.


- 1st down run by Martin. So far he has 3 catches for 79 yards plus this run.


- Another no gain. Tempe has a very solid d-line.


- McClintock goes for it on 4th down with a fake punt. Broken up, Tempe ball at 50.


- Tempe can't get much going on O. Big DT Robert Mahoe gets a TFL.


- Tempe punts the ball away.


1:55 left in half.


- Oh O. After a 12 yard gain by on a pass from Kurzman, Martin limps off the field. Looks like an ankle. He has been by far their best weapon.


- Sack Brandon George.


- Shovel pass from Kurzman to Ty Roberts gives McClintock a 1st down and some to score before the half ends.


- A 15 yard block below the waist, incomplete pass and a screen pass end the half. McClintock is up 7-0.


Halftime thoughts- It has been a defensive half. I was impressed with Tempe's d-line and Malcolm Martin. Without him, McClintock would not quite be the same, he has been the player of the game so far. Ringer and Kurzman have also been good. The Chargers have 175 yards of offense in first half but two turnovers have kept Tempe in the game. The Buffaloes get the ball in the 2nd half and need a big opening drive from the offense to keep that defense off the field.


- 3rd quarter- Tempe ball at 20.


- Rubio to Berber is the only successful play in the first series but Martin fumbles the punt and Tempe recovers at the 35.


- Tempe couldn't muster much and came away with no points, turnover on downs.


- McClintock QB Kelly Kurzman throws to WR Hussian Harris. The ball was tipped by Rubio, who doubles as a safety, but was caught by Harris and taken inside 20. Harris is a big kid at 6-3 195, wonder why he isn't used much?


- RB Ty Roberts off right for 7 yards


- Blair in it fullback, he gains 7 yards and gets close to a 1st down. 4th and 1.


- A busted by McClintock. They had big Mahoe at FB but were stopped short. Turn over on downs.


- Tempe ball. Pedro Rubio naked for 9 yards.


- 1st down by RB Mike Waddle.


- Tempe driving. Multiple flags and big passes and runs by Rubio gets Tempe close.


- At the end of 3. McClintock up 7-0. Tempe driving.


- Again the Buffs come away with no points. Missed field goal.


- McClintock scores again. Kurzman to Ringer again for a TD. PAT good, McClintock up 14-0.


- With 5 minutes to go Tempe gets the ball back on a forced fumble by Berber and a few plays later, Tempe gets on the board with the old hook and ladder play. Rubio to Jacob Miranda and Miranda pitched to Waddle. PAT good. Score 14-7.


- Onside kick kicked out of bounds, McClintock ball.


- Tempe forces a punt and gets the ball back with 2:30 to go.


- Multiple holding calls gives Tempe 4th and 22 deep on the wrong side of the field.


- Tempe punts and McClintock runs out the clock.


- Final McClintock- 14 Tempe- 7




Tempe played hard but didn't have the horses. The defense played well but their offense lacks some weapons. Rubio needs some help.


McClintock had over 100 yards in penalties. They also couldn't run the ball well until the 4th quarter. They will have to play better to be competitive in their tough region.


Game Balls


I thought Malcolm Martin, Kelly Kurzman and Jared Ringer all played well for the Charger offense. I liked what DT Robert Mahoe and David Blair did on D.


The whole Tempe d-line played well and Pedro Rubio was their best offensive weapon.


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