Mingus v. O'Connor

Mingus, the #1 team in 4A2, rolls over O'Connor 35-7 on Cox 7 Thursday night.

Instead of doing a traditional recap, I did kind of a stream of thoughts as the game rolled on.



Interesting matchup- Mingus' wing-t versus O Connor's spread offense. Mingus is 5-0, O Connor is 1-3. I really am excited to see Layton Dickerson and big Aaron Hauser.

1st quarter

3 and out for O Connor

Mingus ball at midfield but also go 3 and out

Interesting to see former O'Connor QB Bruce Eisenhauer at TE. Kid is big and must have some athletic ability as he was a QB.

Another 3 and out. Sloppy play so far.

Mingus QB Tony Vocca 58 yard TD scramble. Huge block by Tim Austill to get him in. 7-0 Mingus

Spencer Brown gets O Connor their first 1st down. 6 minutes in.

Bad snaps are killing O Connor. This is like their 4th bad snap. Punt.

Layton Dickerson can run!!! I like him. Very nice run. Changed directions and outran everyone for big gain. He has decent size too.

Vocca to RB Tyler Thompson for a TD pass. 14-0 Mingus.

O Connor fumbles the ball away at midfield.

Nice pass Vocca to Tim Austill. Gets them inside the 10. Austill is a heck of an athlete. Plays O, D and special teams. I like his style.

Vocca scrambles in for his second score. 21-0. 1 minute to go in the 1st.

Mingus DB pick Jose Gil from Mingus but called back for PI.

End of 1st quarter thoughts

O Connor has not been able to get much going. Big plays by Vocca and Dickerson, plus good field position has led to 21-0 Mingus lead.


2nd Quarter


O Connor ball after another botched snap


Snap over head this time. Mingus ball at midfield again.


O Connor holds Mingus for the first time. Bad punt. O Connor ball near midfield.


O Connor QB Danny Davis QB draw for a first.


Followed by Austill INT. Man I said it earlier, Austill is a good player.


Mingus stopped. 1st down saving tackle by Robert Robbins. O Connor ball.


Davis to Dexter Bethers near a 1st. Davis another draw for a 1st down. Eagles are finally getting the ball moving.


Sack by Robert Ortiz on corner blitz thwarts drive. 4th down, 4 minutes to go.


Mingus ball at 35. Might be worst field position of the night. Sad but true.


Vocca to Austill near 1st down after holding call. Vocca throws a nice ball.


Huge run by Trevor Jones up the gut for a 1st. Dickerson adds another big run.


Dickesron 6 carries for 77 yards already.


Vocca throwback to Dickerson for a score but holding brings it back.


Dickerson gets it back. Takes it of left and cuts right inside the 5.


Vocca scores his third TD. 28-0 Mingus 25 seconds to go in half.


Shovel pass stuffed by Mingus DL Joe Loehr.


O Connor put Eisenhauer in on last play. Deep ball picked by Austill, his 2nd on the night


End of half.


Halftime thoughts


O Connor has struggled to get the ball moving. Bad snaps have been a big factor.


Mingus is a good team. I expected them to only run the ball as that is their reputation. But Vocca can throw it. Dickerson is as dangerous a player in 4A2 as their is.  Mingus has dominated to this point.


3rd Quarter


Mingus fumbles the ball away but O Connor can't do much with it, punts, pins Mingus deep.


Cox put their rankings up but I think they were all mixed up. Had Chaparral in 4A2, Notre Dame and Buckeye in 4A1.


Mingus is just methodically moving the ball down the field 5 yards at a pop.


As soon as I say that Tyler Thompson pops off a 25 yard run. Mingus in scoring position again.


Trevor Jones a big gain, inside the 10.


Vocca another TD.... flag calls back.


Three plays and the O Connor defense keeps them out of the endzone. Fourth down Vocca to Austill. 35-0 Mingus. That was a 16 play drive that ate up most of the third quarter.


Davis to Eisenhauer for 1st down.


Davis to Spencer Brown on 3rd down for another 1st.


Davis nice run for a 1st. This has been O Connor's best drive of the night.


End of 3. Mingus up 35-0.




Mingus ate up that quarter and scored again. This one is out of reach.


4th Quarter


Davis hits Brown again. Flag and Brown shaken up.


Brown looks ok. Flag brings gain back.


Big sack Jack Zellner. What was once a promising drive is now back at midfield.


Did the announcer just call an Ipod an Ipad?


Davis very big gain on a draw up the middle to make a 2nd and very long a 3rd and 4.


They went for it on 4th. Davis off right. Looks like a stop by Mingus.


Nope, just got it. O Connor still alive.


Davis near 1st down on another run.


Davis complete to receiver Justin McElroy. 1st down inside 10.


Incomplete and bad snap gives O Connor 3rd down.


Davis to McElroy for a TD 35-7 with 8:45 to play.


Onside kick recovered by Mingus.


Ball at midfield. Sack by Jack Bridgewater.


Dickerson hit in backfield and incomplete pass forces punt. But O Connor touches the ball on the punt while it was rolling and Mingus takes over at 15 yard line.


Mingus fumbles, recovered by Bridgewater of O Connor.


Davis two consecutive throws in the flats for a first down. They are moving now but it is a little late.


Davis four consecutive complete passes.


7th sack for Mingus. Rowdy Scott takes Davis down.


Screen to McElroy gives 1st down on 3rd and 17. Davis has hit McElroy several

times on this drive.


INT Robert Ortiz ends drive.


Mingus ran out the clock.


Final Mingus 35 O Connor 7


Final Thoughts:


Mingus is going to be tough to beat in 4A2. They are very talented, don't make many mistakes and play hard.


O Connor showed they could throw it but it didn't happen until the 4th quarter. They need to establish a run game to get defenses to respect the pass.


Game Balls:


Mingus QB Tony Vocca had a nice night 3 rushing TDs and one throwing.


RB Layton Dickerson is a stud. He averaged almost ten yards per carry. He is a threat to score when ever he has the ball.


I really like Tim Austill, WR/DB, from Mingus. Kid plays hard. Had 2 INTs and a TD tonight.

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