Updated Team Rankings

A lot has changed with the opening week of region play now behind us.

The season is half way over for all teams now. I wanted to break down each division and give you guys my thought process as to how I do the voting instead of just spitting them out to you.




Only one undefeated team left and Hamilton has to be the clear cut #1. They have had a tough schedule and beat all-comers. There is a big group of one loss teams and one common factor between three of them is, they have all lost to Hamilton.


Brophy, Red Mountain and Dobson are the teams in that group, so who do I rank #2? All three were pretty much handled by Hamilton, so my task is all that more difficult. I like Brophy at the #2 spot. I think if they played today it would be more competitive. Their offensive line is playing better and WR Sean Lieb is back.


Mt. View will get my #3 spot as their only loss is by two to Brophy.


Flip a coin between Dobson and Red Mountain for the #4 and #5 spots. Red Mountain held Hamilton to their lowest offensive output on the year but also did not manage to muster a point versus them. Dobson played Hamilton even other than the first few minutes of the 1st quarter, which I am sure they wish they had back. I will go with Dobson at 4 and Red Mountain at 5.


The following group was tough and an argument could be made for a number of different teams in the following five.


I debated back and forth between Corona and Chandler for the #6 spot. Chandler's loss to Dobson hurt. Other than that, they have pretty much taken care of business. Corona has two losses to Red Mountain by 2 and Dobson by 10. Do I rank a team with one loss higher or the team with that lost by closer margin to a common opponent higher? I feel that Chandler's one loss should give them the 6 spot and Corona will be #7.


Highland's only loss is to Mt. View by 10. They haven't played a tough schedule otherwise and have not dominated those opponents. If they had beat up on Yuma and Tolleson, I probably would have put them at #6 but for now I will put them at 8.


Basha's loss to Mesquite really hurt. I am going to drop them to #9. Westwood gets the 10 spot as they now have two losses (Marcos and Basha).


Desert Mountain is another one loss team. Their loss is to Mesquite and their other competition hasn't been the greatest, so I will leave them out to see how they play against stiffer opponents.


What about Mesquite? They have beaten one loss Desert Mountain and Basha but at 2-3, I can't justify it. Their losses are close ones to Westwood and Desert Vista and a blow out to Corona. They seem to be dangerous though.


1- Hamilton- 6-0

2- Brophy- 4-1

3- Mt. View- 4-1

4- Dobson 4-1

5- Red Mountain- 4-1

6- Chandler- 4-1

7- Corona- 4-2

8- Highland- 4-1

9- Basha- 4-1

10- Westwood- 4-2




5A2 is a little screwier. I am going to leave Centennial at #1 despite three teams below them being undefeated. Reason being, no 5A2 team has beaten them in two years and they had their chances to win against Hamilton.


That leaves Sunnyside, Marcos and Pinnacle all at 5-0. Who goes at #2? I am going to leave Sunnyside at #2. I like how they play, tough, undersized and aggressive. Not to mention strong defense, they have pitched three straight shutouts and have only given up 34 points on the year.


Marcos could make an argument for the top spot. They are averaging over 50 points per game. I saw the Macros/Centennial scrimmage and I think Centennial is better. Marcos and Pinnacle play. Will Pinnacle be able to slow the Padres down? We will find out. I will be at this game and we will have a clear cut #3 and 4, but for now I will leave Marcos at 3 and Pinnacle at 4.


This is where things get crazy. There is a group of two loss teams and a group with one loss but they have played "lesser" opponents. I basically just have to go with my gut and put my top choice here. I will go with Westview. Their losses are to #4 Pinnacle in a close one and to a solid Mesa team.


Desert Ridge has shown the ability to throw the ball on anyone. Their losses are to Centennial and Red Mountain, two quality losses. I go with them at the 6 spot.


Ironwood Ridge's losses are to Pinnacle and Goldwater. GW is on a slide. And they lost to Pinnacle by a bigger margin than Westview and have beaten Willow Canyon by 5 so I sandwich Ironwood Ridge between Westview and Willow Canyon.


Willow Canyon gets the 8 spot.


Skyline and La Joya are other one loss teams. Skyline has a loss to Mt. Ridge and has really been scoring points against their other opponents. They are averaging 50 points per game in their four wins. La Joya's loss is by 3 to Willow Canyon. I will go with Skyline at 9 and La Joya at 10.


1- Centennial- 4-1

2- Sunnyside- 5-0

3- Marcos- 5-0

4- Pinnacle- 5-0

5- Westview- 3-2

6- Desert Ridge- 3-2

7- Ironwood Ridge- 3-2

8- Willow Canyon- 4-1

9- Skyline- 4-1

10- La Joya- 4-1




Five teams are still undefeated in 4A1. Sagauro will remain at the top two spots. Their game in two weeks will be a good one.


Cactus gets the third spot. They have two quality wins over Peoria and Canyon del Oro. Sabino moves to #4.


At #5 and 6 I debated between CDO and Peoria. They have a common loss to Cactus. I am going with CDP for a couple of reasons. They were beating Cactus on the road for most of the game. The Cobras came back but a bad snap that led to a safety is what lost them the game. Peoria never had a lead against Cactus. CDO will get the higher ranking for now.


Millennium only has one loss and that was to Sabino on a field goal with no time on the clock. A lot of their wins are very close though. I will bump them up to #7.


Paradise Valley has a loss to Saguaro but has handled business other wise. So even though they lost this week, they don't drop in ranking.


Nogales is our other undefeated team. They haven't played a top notch schedule but they are dong what they need to do. I put them at #9.


For the 10 spot there are a few teams I could chose from, Cienega, who has lost to Chaparral and CDO. Marana, who has lost to Peoria and Chaparral. And Lake Havasu, who has lost to PV. I think Cienega should be the #10 team.


1- Saguaro- 5-0

2- Chaparral- 6-0

3- Cactus- 5-0

4- Sabino- 5-0

5- CDO- 4-1

6- Peoria- 4-1

7- Millennium- 4-1

8- PV- 4-1

9- Nogales- 5-0

10- Cienega- 4-2




Other than Mingus having the top spot, the rest is all up for grabs. He is an example of the mess. Washington is 3-3 and beat Notre Dame. But the Rams losses are two Higley, Cactus and Mingus. Greenway beat Coronado and Greenway lost to Buckeye, who lost to Bradshaw, who lost to Payson! Arcadia and Higley have both lost to average 4A1 teams. Santa Rita is playing very well but don't have any big wins. Their loss is to Marana. I am just going to go with who I think is better and throw records out the window.


1- Mingus- 5-0

2- Higley- 4-1

3- Washington- 3-3

4- Notre Dame- 4-1

5- Santa Rita- 4-1

6- Arcadia- 4-1

7- Buckeye- 4-2

8- Greenway- 4-1

9- Coronado- 4-1

10- Palo Verde- 4-2


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