Saguaro v. Cactus Shadows

Saguaro remains undefeated and looks ready to face region foe Chaparral next week



First off, my best wishes go out to the Jake Dunn and his family. I pray for a speedy recovery.


Saguaro stills sits undefeated and has not really been challenged. I want to see how Cactus Shadows holds up with all of their losses from last year and with their move up to 4A1.


1st quarter


Cactus Shadows' ball. Two incomplete passes and a 9 yard Dylan Classan to Danny Trittler pass. 3rd and 1. They looked they were going to go for it but attempted a quick kick. Partially blocked by Chris Merrill. Saguaro ball in good field position.


Beau Burton takes first run near the first and QB Tim Ruben goes 41 yards untouched off the right side for the first score of the game. 7-0 Saguaro. Ruben can really run the ball. He has deceptive speed and runs that spread offense well.


Nice return by Cactus Shadow's Trittler. Ball at 37.


Man I'm looking at Saguaro's d-line. They are an impressive looking bunch.


Two runs by RB Anthony Stephens and another pass to Trittler gives CS a 1st.


Classan hits Matt  Williams near a 1st. Stephens picks up the 1st on 3rd and short.


Big run by Stephens on the cutback for another 1st down.


CS tried a super spread, lined the o-tackles as WRs. Ball was snapped over QB's head and the trick play was all for none. 2nd and 30.


On 3rd and 30, Classan hits Trittler over the middle for a 1st down. Huge play. Ball inside the 10.


CS tries a reverse and it is fumbled. Big Corey Adams tries to scoop and score. A no-no for a lineman and it ends up being 3rd and 32. Incomplete pass on 3rd but pass interference was called. 1st down. CS lucked out. 1st down inside the 20.


TFL by Adams and flag gives CS 2nd and 16.


Classan to TE Chris Manship for 3rd and 4.


Pass complete to Trittler, 1st down. This drive has lasted over 6 minutes so far.


Next play TD Stephens. Game tied 7-7 with 2:27 to go in quarter.


Saguaro ball. Burton runs near a 1st. Holding on 2nd down gives them 2nd and 7. Run by Burton and then by Shelton gives them a first.


Ruben throws his 1st pass, complete to Cole Rarrick. 2 and 6.


Ruben pass to Max Smith for 10 yards. 1st down. End of 1st quarter. Still tied 7-7.


2nd Quarter


2nd play. Tim Ruben scores from 31 yards out. 14-7.


CS's 1st play on next series pick by Michael Kirkegaard for a TD. 21-7 and that is a huge turnaround.


3 plays later Andrew Johnson picks Classan again. Saguaro ball at the 35.


CS defense steps up and forces a 4th and 3. Saguaro going for it. Surprise, surprise. Tim Ruben goes up the middle on a QB draw and scores for the 3rd time. 28-7, the onslaught is on. That is 3 carries for 92 yards and 3 TDs for Ruben.


7 minutes to go in the half. Barro heads up the middle on two straight runs for nearly 20 yards. Those were nice runs for the little guy.


Saguaro D tightens up and stops them on 4th down. Turnover on downs.


Two holding calls give Saguaro 1st and 40 but on the next play Ruben hits WR Paul Porras for a 71 yard gain.


Burton scampers down to 1 yard line. Next play Andrew Johnson scores. 35-7 Saguaro 3:37 to play in half.


3 and out Cactus Shadows- Saguaro ball at 50 2:27 to go.


1st play Tim Ruben scores AGAIN from 50 yards out. 42-7. 2:11 to go.


3rd down- Glassan to Trittler for 20 yards. 1st down 30 seconds to go.


Incomplete pass and sack by Brett Spotleson appears to end half but CS calls a timeout and a pas interference by Burton gives them an extra play. Glassan chased out of bounds, ends half. 42-7 Saguaro.


Halftime Thoughts


Turnovers killed all of cactus Shadows hopes. The game went from 7-7 at the end of 1 to 42-7 at the half.


Time of Possession- 5:21- saguaro, 18:39- Cactus Shadows.


3rd Quarter


They just showed Ruben's stats; 5 for 5 for 98 yards passing not including what he did on the ground. Impressive!


Saguaro held to three and out. 1st punt by Saguaro. It looks like it is a running clock.


Anthony Stephens up the gut for 10 yards on 2nd play.


Another Stephens run and a Glassan to Brady Dombrowski pass gives them another st down. Cactus Shadows is not quitting.


Stephens goes for another 20 yards to the 25 yard line.


Two incomplete passes and a failed reverse gives CS a 4th down. They go for it and throw an ncomplete pass. Saguaro ball.


85 yard screen pass from Ruben to Porras for a TD. Ball was tipped at the line of scrimmage but Porras still managed to make the catch and gallop untouched 85 yards. 49-7 Saguaro with 5:52 in the game.


CS had one of their better drives of the game. They held it 4 minutes and got in the redzone. The drive ended when Kirkegaard picked off his second pass. End of

3- 49-7 Saguaro.


4th quarter


Neither team scored and they just ran out the clock. Thank goodness. Final 49-7.




It was 7-7 at the end of 1 and Saguaro scored 35 straight in the 2nd quarter.

They were just too big and physical for the smaller Cactus Shadows. CS plays a lot of sophomores and juniors and will be better in the future.


Game Ball


Definitely goes to Tim Ruben. He accounted for over 300 yards of offense.


I like what sophomore WR Danny Trittler from Cactus Shadows. He went over 100 yards on the night.


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