Prescott v. Sunnyslope

The Prescott Badgers topped the Sunnyslope Vikings, spoil homecoming.

Viking fans showed support with a near full capacity crowd on their homecoming night. The game time was at 7:30 due to all of the events taking place. 

The first quarter ended in a scoreless tie, as it moved rather fast since each team ran the ball and the clock kept running. Both defenses played well and Sunnyslope held their own at the start with a good run defense.

In the second period the Badgers broke free with three scores. Chris Shipp barreled in first from a yard out to put his team up 6-0.

Then on the drive of the game, Chris Shipp caught a 25-yard pass from quarterback Josh Chavez to extend the lead to two touchdowns. Since the Badgers missed the first extra point they decided to go for two. The attempt was successful to make it 14-0 in their favor.

The Vikings were unable to get anything on offense most of the night. Prescott's defense overwhelmed the quarterback putting endless pressure on him.  On a couple of occasions if he would have had time he might have been able to make a play or two. Sunnyslope looked to key on Prescott's middle linebacker Bryan Barberena, but it didn't work. Barberena shredded blocks and if he didn't make the play another player was there. Defensive tackle Jordan Magdelano had a huge night with tackle for losses and sacks. Linebacker Dustin Olague also punished running backs through out the game.

Prescott's defense did well at the point of attack. They blitz very well and rally around the ball with multiple defenders.

On the play of the game running back, Jake Jarvis hit the line of scrimmage running down hill and broke free. He ran over two helpless defenders and galloped to the end zone from 27 yards out to give the Badgers a 21-0 advantage by halftime.

In the third quarter Prescott added to their lead. Jarvis scored his second touchdown of the night, with a rush from a yard out with 2:52 left, as the game turned into a runaway in Prescott's favor.

On the ensuing kick-off, Prescott kicked it out of bounds and was penalized. Sunnyslope changed pace and went on a second cadence that fooled the Badgers twice within three plays. A couple of plays later the Vikings got another first down on a late hit by a Badger defender that moved the ball in Prescott territory. Then on consecutive plays they managed to get sacked and have three of their own penalties to put them 25 yards backwards before punting it.

Sunnyslope finally got on the scoreboard in the final 30 seconds of regulation with much of Prescott's first string on the sidelines. Dylan Kassenbrock ran in 1-yard for the score, as he barely broke the goal line after the second string held their own and came up with a good defensive stand for the 
Badgers. The extra point was good to make it 27-7.

The final score read 27-7 in Prescott's favor, as they spoiled the Vikings homecoming. The S on the mountain in the background lit up in red and the fireworks went off in sky.

Although both teams were 1-4, Prescott had the much tougher schedule and showed why they entered the contest as favorites.

The Badgers got two touchdowns apiece from their running backs Chris Shipp and Jake Jarvis.

Sunnyslope Vikings didn't have their defense end Ben Fayali, who sat out of the game. On Prescott's side Levi Carter sat out of the game because he's trying to recover from a bruised knee.

Prescott won its second straight region game to improve to 2-0 and Sunnyslope opened their region play with a loss to go 0-1 in the Western Sky  Region.

Prescott (2-0, 2-4)- Will return home for an out of region game Friday night against Cactus Shadows.

Sunnyslope (0-1, 1-5)- Looks for their first  region win of the season when they visit Independence Friday night.

Game Ball

The Badger defense is taking shape and would be awarded with the game ball of this game. After another great outing only allowing 7 points that came against the second team defense. They have allowed a total of 24 points the past three ballgames.

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