Player Evaluations

Scouting the top prospects from Mesa/Westview, Saguaro/Agua Fria and McClintock/Tempe

I have been very busy and I must apologize to the 24-7 readers. I told you that I would be posting evals from the games I saw. While I have been evaluating players, I haven't had enough time to write and post them. I am going to give you them all in two parts. Here are the games I saw (that I have not posted evals on) and my first set of player evaluations:


McClintock v. Tempe

Agua Fria v. Saguaro

Westview v. Mesa

Mingus v. O'Connor

Coronado v. Kellis

Peoria v. Cactus

Saguaro v. Cactus Shadows

Marcos v. Pinncle


Tempe: The lack depth but they have three players that I think could play D2-junior college ball. The first is QB/FS Pedro Rubio. Pedro's value is probably better at safety. Being a QB, he shows good instincts roaming the middle. He has decent size and speed.


DT Brandon George is a big kid at 6-3 265. He is relatively unknown but I think he could develop into a solid player with some more hard work. He is active and plays with a good pad level. 


TE/DE Bernis Berber maybe the Buff's best college prospect, he has good size at 6-4 215 and could probably play on either side of the ball. I think his best position is DE, where he has a frame to grow and with good speed, he is a good pass rusher. He is getting some looks from smaller schools according to head coach Johnny Rodriguez.


McClintock: Their top prospect is middle linebacker David Blair. At 6-2 220, he will have to gain some weight before he can be an every down backer in college- but that will come. He is a true mike backer that is most effective in run support. I would like to see him take fewer false steps and play more downhill. He shows the ability to make big hits and can fill the gaps, although sometimes he gets caught up dancing with bigger offensive linemen. Blair seems to play best when allowed some freedom just to let loose. He has offers from Army, UNLV and San Diego State and at this point, I think that level fits him.


WR Malcolm Martin is a heck of an athlete. At 5-10 160, he lacks the size that bigger school like. He does catch the ball well, is shifty and has good speed. At the high school level, he has the chance to score whenever he touches the ball. I think he has smaller D1- 1AA ability but grades are rumored to be an issue.


The Chargers have a few players that I think could play at least at the junior college level. One kid that I like is DT Robert Mahoe. At 6-0 320 he is a bull in the middle. He is squatty and tough to dig out of the hole. He plays with a good motor.


TE Jared Ringer is a solid player. He is a little on the small side at 6-1 210 but catches the ball well.


QB Kelly Kurzman is one of those players that does not wow you with his play but is solid in all aspects. I could see him playing at a local JC.


Agua Fria: Graduation hit the Owls hard. They sent quite a few players on to the college level. Their top player this year is WR Derrick Ross. He plays a lot of RB in their wing-T offense but projects as a wideout. He suffered from broken fingers in the game I attended but from watching him in the past, I would say that he has the ability but lacks size. He is very thin but is a playmaker, no doubt. He has nice hands and can run. Grades are also rumored to be an issue.


AF had a few juniors that were intriguing. I really liked DE Justin Lewis. The kid played hard and gets off the football but at 6-1 200, he lacks the size to play DE at the next level. A transition to LB is likely to happen if he moves on.


OLB Bryan Lawrence is a solid player but he is another player that lacks size at 5-10 170. One player that doesn't lack size is 6-6 WR Nick Newberry. He definitely is not a WR though. I could see some small schools (D3-NAIA) taking a look at him at TE. He would have to put on 30 pounds because at 180, he lacks the bulk to be an effective blocker.


Saguaro: This is one of 4A's most talented teams. Their offensive and defensive lines are possibly the best the state has seen in a few years. Along the defensive line they have three players with division-on offers. DE Chris Merrill has already committed to UofA. Most project him as a DT based on his size (6-1 265). He has the strength (400 + bench) but will have to gain some bulk. He plays with a good motor and is a very disruptive player.


Opposite of Merrill is Derek Bisgard. He currently holds an offer from Army and he might be able to play some DT or DE depending on the situation. He is in the 6-2 260 range. He plays with a good motor and is solid in both the run and pass game. Both Merrill and Bisgard play offensive line and are very good but are being recruited as DLs.


Saguaro's top defensive prospect is junior DT Corey Adams. He already holds offers from Michigan, Florida and Nebraska amongst others and it is easy to see why. He is big (6-3 275), fast (4.7 forty) and strong (near 400 bench). He is active, plays hard and uses his hands well.


On the offensive line, left guard Joe Kellogg is getting overlooked but he has the prototypical D1 size at 6-4 290. He has a lot of the same characteristics as the others. He is big, strong, moves well, can pull, trap, get to linebackers and will finish blocks. It blows me away that he does not have an offer yet. He has nearly a 4.0 GPA, uses his hands well and is good in the pass and run game.


QB Tim Ruben has some skills. He is a dual threat QB but his best asset may be his feet. He can really run, he is definitely not your traditional drop-back QB. I think he would be best suited in a D1AA or D2 program that runs a similar spread offense that Saguaro runs or an option offense.


The Sabercats have some other juniors that will be solid prospects. LT Kody Koebensky has good size (6-4 275) and long arms. He has a lot of the same traits as his teammates. He could be one of Arizona's top junior OLs.


RB Beau Burton is a squatty, thick RB. His low center of gravity gives him good balance. He has good speed and thick legs that make him tough to bring down. In AZ's deep 2009 RB class, Burton will be one to watch.


WR/DB Paul Porras and TE Max Smith also will be guys to keep an eye on. Porras is a good athlete that could play on either side of the ball. Smith has okay size at 6-1 240.


Westview: The Knights are an explosive team with quite a few quality players. Their top prospect is center Guy Reynolds. He is big (6-3 315) and strong (400 + bench) and can move well for a big guy. Idaho has offered at this point. One area I would like to see him improve on is that he will position block at times. With his size and strength, he needs to drive kids off the ball more consistently.


Westview has two very sound RBs in Brian Conley and Reggie Nicholson. In my opinion, Nicholson is their top player. He is fast, quick, makes good cuts, hits the hole, can catch out of the backfield and is a good return man. His two areas of concern are his size and grades. At 5-9 170, he isn't ideally suited but I don't think that is as big a concern as his rumored grade issues. If he can get them in order, he could be a steal.


Conley is also a bit small (5-9 175) but he does not have the speed of Nicholson. But he is a more powerful runner and tougher to take down. Both he and Reggie double as CBs.


The Knights have two linemen that have a chance to go to the next level. Schuyler Waterhouse is getting some looks from smaller D1s and 1AAs. He isn't ideally sized at 6-2 270 for BCS type schools but has the ability to play at least at the 1AA level. He moves well (4.8 forty), is strong and physical.


OT Arturo Luna has the size to warrant at least a JC look.


K Adam Garcia is getting some attention as well. He has a good leg and most kickoffs result in touchbacks. He has a near 50 yard FG to his name.


The Knights top junior is TE/DE Vincent Kenner. He has the size (6-4 215) and a frame to grow. I think he will end up playing DL.


Mesa: The Jackrabbits top prospect is Nebraska commit Keelan Johnson. Johnson plays RB and safety for Mesa but has committed to the Cornhuskers as a DB. He has good hips and good change of direction. His speed is good enough to cover the field and he tackles well. He is still raw at the position as this is his first year playing safety full time.


TE Beau Gardner is a big target at 6-3 230 and has nice hands. He was injured as a junior but has recovered nicely. He can get up the seam and will make catches in traffic. He has the bulk to be an effective blocker but stills to improve in this area. Gardner has said he plans on going on his Mormon mission after high school.


Some other players that I think could end up at junior colleges or small schools are CB Kyree Hart, LB Dan Thomas and OL John Kardell.



I will continue with my evaluations of other games that I have seen. Look for recaps of Mingus/O'Connor, Coronado/Kellis, Peoria/Cactus, Saguaro/Cactus Shadows and Pinnacle/Marcos soon.

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