Westview v. Ironwood

Westview ends Ironwood's win streak at four on Cox 7's Thursday night game of the week.

Instead of a traditional recap, I did a stream iof thoughts that I wrote as the game went on...


Ironwood has won 4 straight after starting 0-4. Westview has three loses to solid teams in Centennial, Mesa and Pinnacle. Could be a good one.

1st Quarter

Ironwood ball- INT Nate McOwen on 3rd play of the game. Westview ball near midfield.

Westview immediately starts pounding the ball with Nicholson, Conley, Lizarraga and Joe Lauer. 7 plays later, Brian Conley scores from 11 yards out to make it 7-0 midway through the first.

A short run by Randy Klucznik, a fumbled pass and a reverse stuffed in the backfield and Westview forces a 3 and out. Westview ball near midfield again.

The field position was all for nothing, Ironwood forces a 3 and out.

Does Conley ever leave the field? He punts and returns kicks as well as playing both ways. Conley appears to have hurt himself on the last punt.

Ironwood gets their first 1st down after an 8 yards Klucznik run and a big gain by Obafemi Oso.

Ironwood's first decent drive is all for nothing as Klucznik fumbles on a sack and Westview recovers.

End of 1. Westview up 7-0.

Just found out Conley is okay but Schuyler Waterhouse is out with an ankle injury.

1st quarter thoughts: Turnovers have killed Ironwood.

Brian Conley scores again on a nice run after a pitch from Albert Lizarraga. About a 40 yarder. 14-0 Westview.

Klucznik to WR Neil Perrin for a 1st down. Nice throw. I hear some JCs like him as an athlete.

On 3rd and long Klucznik throws across his body to a wide open Cody Lenhart a 50 yard gain.

That stinks. On the next play Ironwood fumbles again and Westview recovers.

Westview right back to business. Lizarraga, Nicholson and Conley breaks of a big gain inside the 5.

Next play Lizaragga passes to Daniel Gomez for a score. 21-0 Westview. 7:16 to play in the half.

Another fumble on the first play and Raymond Oretga recovers for another Westview score. 28-0 Westview.

Ironwood fumbles AGAIN on a bad pitch. This time they recover.

Ironwood punts the ball away. Westview ball with just under 5 minutes.

1st play Nicholson goes 70 yards for a TD. Called back for a block in the back. Westview ball near the 10.

...But Nicholson punches it in three plays later. 35-0 Westview 3:30 to play.

Westview has 230 yards rushing already!!!

Conley made two nice defensive plays. Nice break to disrupt a pass and a TFL on a fly sweep.

3 and out again. Westview ball at the 49 with 2:11 to play.

1st play of drive, Jourdan Grandon in at QB and throws an INT to Lenhart.

Three incomplete passes. Man this has been the longest 3 minutes ever.

Nicholson 10 yard run and a face mask adds a few more.

20 yard TD Grandon makes up for the INT. 42-0 Westview, 1 minute to play in half.

Ironwood runs out the clock and ends the half. 42-0 Westview

Halftime thoughts: Turnovers have led to most of Westview's points. They have had great field position and Nicholson and Conley have run wild. I hope they run the clock in the 2nd half.

3rd quarter

2nd half starts like 1st half only with a new RB. RJ Robinson goes for 15 yards and Fernando Trevino gets them across midfield with a nice run.

Robinson runs again and moves the Knights to the 15. 4th play Robinson punches it in from 15 yards out... never mind, holding brings it back.

Jourdan Grandon completes a nice pass to TE Vincent Keener as he is falling. Not quite enough for a first. Sets up a short Adam Garcia FG...missed.

Ironwood ball. INT by Eric Ramsey. Westview ball in scoring position. 5th turnover of the night for Ironwood.

I just noticed they are doing a running clock.

Westview drives stalls. Garcia kicks a 30 yard FG. 45-0.

Nice run by Ironwood RB Kevin Harris for a 1st down. Harris and Klucznik run for another 1st.

End of 3rd. 45-0 Ironwood driving.

4th Quarter

Kevin Harris is running the ball well for Ironwood for Ironwood. He runs for another 1st.

9:54 left in the game Klucznik about a 35 yard TD pass to Timothy Parker. 45-7.

Westview fumbles, recovers but ball inside 5. Punt. Travaris Forrest returns the punt to the 20 but called back for a block in the back.

6th turnover. INT Dion Davis. Short drive ends in punt but runs the clock down to 2 minutes.

Ironwood runs out the clock.

Westview wins 45-7. They improve to 6-3 while Ironwood falls to 4-5.


Westview dominated this game from the get-go. Turnovers killed Ironwood and ended their win streak at 4.

Game Ball

The Westview O-line. No matter who ran the ball, they were going to gain yards through the big holes they were opening.

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