Corona v. Basha

Corona del Sol beats Basha for central Region title on Cox 7.


If Corona wins, they win the Central Region crown, simple as that. A Basha win and there will be a three-way tie with Desert Vista, Basha and Corona.

Should be a good one.

1st Quarter

Corona ball and they go three and out.

Short punt, Basha ball at the 35. Three plays and the ball is inside the 5.

Tough run by Quinn Evans!

Corona defense tightens and Basha misses a field goal. Huge for Corona!

Corona pounding the ball with JR Hamm and Kirby Pellant takes two fly sweeps for good gains.

Big run by Hamm gets Corona a first and FB Kyle Schmella gets them inside the 15.

Another big run by Pellant gets them to the 5. He made some nice spin moves for extra yardage.

Two plays later and Pellant scores with 2:36 to go in the first. 7-0 Corona as Pellant kicks PAT.

Basha trying to answer. Runs by Dusty Rush, Evans and a Troy Graham completion gets them on the positive side of the 50.

Evans goes for another 20.

Graham picked off by Pellant. Corona ball inside the 5.

End of 1. Corona up 7-0 with the ball.

1st quarter thoughts: Both teams are running the ball well. Kirby Pellant has had a big 1st quarter for Corona.

2nd quarter

JR Hamm gets Corona out of the end zone with a nice run off the left side.

Another Hamm run, he has about 55 yards on 9 carries.

Basha D steps up. Corona punts after a Chase Cartwright incompletion.

50 yard run by Evans! Pushed out at the 10.

Two yards out Rush scores. Big block by John Fontes. 7-7, 8:04 to play in half.

Corona right back to bashing it with Hamm. I want to see this Corona sophomore Cartwright throw it. He is a good looking kid.

Drive stalls, Corona punts, Basha muffs the punt, recovered by Corona's Brandon Stern at the 15. Huge play!!

3rd down, Cartwright play action pass to TE Joey Kamper for a TD. 14-7 Corona 3:51 to play.

Graham hits Rashad Huggins for two decent gains. Evans also adds a nice run. He has 10 carries for 128 yards.

Graham goes for QB sneak on 4th down and doesn't look like he has it. Graham took a shot in the knee a few plays earlier and it looks to be bothering him. And now OG Trevor Bingham hobbles off.

Corona ball, 1 minute to go. They just run the clock out. 14-7 Corona at the half.

Halftime thoughts: Both teams have run the ball well but Basha has not been able to capitalize. Two turnovers have hurt.

3rd Quarter

Basha ball but QB Troy Graham comes out on crutches. Michael Benjamin is in and on the 2nd play, his first pass, throws a pick to none other than Kirby Pellant.

Corona ball at the 37. Three straight carries by Hamm gives the Aztecs a 1st down, Then Pellant takes a reverse for yet another big play. 1st and goal.

Drive stalls but Pellant kicks a FG to put Corona up 17-7.

Basha needs a score. Two penalties gets Basha across the 50. But the offense struggles and punts the ball away.

Pellant on the punt return takes it across the 50. He has done everything!

Cartwright to Eric Benson for a 40 yard gain. 1st and goal.

A few plays later, Schmella goes in from 1 yard out. 24-7 Corona a few minutes left in the third.

Basha goes three and out after a Tyler Giannonatti and Eric Benson sack on 3rd and 2. Punt.

End of 3. 24-7 Corona.

4th Quarter

Both teams just running the ball to get out of here. Corona adds another Pellant FG to make the final 27-2.


Both teams will get into the playoffs but Coriona goes in on an 8 game win streak while Basha has dropped four of six after starting the year off 4-0. Possibly losing Graham really hurts. They are reporting a possible ACL tear.

Game Ball

Has to go to Kirby Pellant. He did it all. Had 2 INTs, some nice runs, nice returns, kicked PATs and FGs. Big night for the junior.

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