St. Mary's Hires a new head coach

One of the most storied programs in the state has announced they have a new coach. The Knights will be coached by Stuart Goldstein. In an exclusive interview that you can only read on 24-7 we had a chance to chat with the new head man, to get his thoughts.

When it comes to big name programs in the state of Arizona, very few schools compete with St. Mary's. Over the years St. Mary's high school has numerous state championships and sent kids on to play football at the highest level. A few weeks after the season was over, legendary head coach Pat Farrell resigned as head coach and speculation began on the successor. Once all the dust settled, the administration has selected their next head coach, a coach that is familiar to the state of Arizona. Coach Stuart Goldstein has been selected to lead the Knights on the gridiron. Coach Goldstein has had success as a coach at every stop he has had. He had good teams at Carl Hayden, a couple of great teams at Saguaro and coached a state championship contender at North HS. In an exclusive interview to, coach Goldstein sat down with us to chat about St. Mary's HS and what he envisions for this program.

Where were you coaching at the past couple of seasons?

"It's funny but for some reason people think I've been out of the profession. That's not true, last season I was at Glendale Community College as a linebacker coach. The experience I had there was awesome, the opportunity to coach with Coach Bell was just great, I always want to coach for someone who I can learn from. Glendale has a great reputation for producing top level teams and teams that can compete for national championships on a yearly basis. I was excited to see how they do it and to learn from great coaches that are involved at GCC. I really learned a ton from coach Bell especially on the defensive side of the football, in particular his zone blitz scheme that they run. I really haven't used that in the past but I learned that system and now I believe in it and will use it in the future. I had an awesome experience and wouldn't trade it at all, I will miss the players most, but they have a bright future and will be one of the top teams in the nation next season."

What is it that interested you most in the St. Mary's job?

"The sense of family atmosphere that they create is just awesome. St. Mary's has 90 years of tradition and when I stepped on that campus I really could feel that tradition. The atmosphere on campus is really different than any other school I have been at. The administration really made me feel like I am apart of that now. This is the kind of place you can stay at for years to come, which is what I plan on doing. I walk into this thinking this is my last stop, this is it for me. That's the plan. It's neat to be apart of a staff again with some of my old coaches coming back and getting together with new coaches that are already involved in the program. I'm excited about this opportunity to drive the bus again and be the head coach, especially at a school like this, the opportunity is just great."

Talk a little about what the St. Mary's tradition means to you?

"I went to Central HS so I played against St. Mary's and I coached against St. Mary's for years. I know a lot of St. Mary's alumni having grown up in that environment. I have always admired the heart their kids showed and how hard they played all the time. In 1997 when I was coaching at Maryvale, we had a great team, just dominated the schedule. We ran into St. Mary's that year and lost to them not because so much of the talent. We might have actually had more athletes to speak of than they did. But they played so hard and with so much heart, it was just impressive. They kind of just kept coming at you, and no matter what the situation in the game they were willing to step up the challenge. It was really one of those moments that always sticks in my mind, and now that I'm apart of that it's really a great feeling. These kids will play hard and that's really all we can ask for."

Can St. Mary's still compete at the highest level of football in Arizona?

"Of course I still feel we can, I wouldn't be taking this job if I didn't think we could still win this thing. It's going to be work to get to that point, the bottom line in this thing is we have 226 days until we kickoff against Boulder Creek. How successful we are going to be is really up to the kids, what they get out of it is really what they are going to put into it. It's a matter of if the kids buy into what we are saying and what we are talking about, the quicker that they trust us and we (coaches) trust them the better. As coaches all we can do is provide the vision and the tools necessary for our players to be successful, that's what the plan is and that's what we are going to do. The schedule is tough but I know we will be up to the challenge."

When reading those statements, St. Mary's fan should feel good about this hire. Coach Goldstein has had success at every school he has ever been. Two of those schools are schools that don't have nearly the support that St. Mary's has. It's clear that he has a vision for where he wants this program to go and how he plans on getting there.

One thing we promise, next season when St. Mary's plays Boulder Creek, you will see Coach Goldstein on the sideline, with his tie on and old school converse shoes. (Sorry coach, I had to put that in) That is another tradition that St. Mary's fans will get used to seeing.

We really want to wish Coach Goldstein the best of luck at St. Mary's and also want to thank him for his time with this exclusive interview. You won't see this interview anywhere else but

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