Post Commitment Q & A: Brock Middleton

Chat with Brophy OL Brock Middleton on why he chose Dartmouth brought you the news that 6-5 260 pound offensive lineman Brock Middleton from Brophy committed to Dartmouth. Here are details from a Q & A we did with Brock to find out why he chose this Ivy League program

24-7: Why Dartmouth?
Middleton: "I chose Dartmouth because it just had the right feel for me and I know lineman Shane Peterlin who is currently a freshman there."

What other schools did you really consider?
"I also really considered Redlands and Cornell. The coaches at both schools were great but in the end Dartmouth was just the right pick."

Talk about your experience on your visit.
"My visit was great; all of the recruits seemed great, especialy the line and we just seemed to click really well."

Who did you confide in while deciding on committing?
"I confided in my parents as well as my trainer."

How excited is your family?
"My dad was definitely proud of me but my mom was literally jumping up and down. She was so excited."

What do you plan to major in?
"I plan to major in Economics."

What do you think you bring to the table for the program?

"I think that coming from a championship program I can offer that winning attitude and belief in the team that is necessary to win championships."

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